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Our New Flash

by jrwarfield

Well, our new flash is older now because we have had it for a couple of months,but I haven’t really posted about it yet. We wanted a flash to help take pictures. We have a light box, and I like the pictures it takes,but I don’t always want such a stark white background. I know nothing about good photography,but I know what I like. I would LOVE to use more natural light,but when I a blogging or taking pictures it is normally during the week after work and sometimes on the weekends. I have very little light to work with because of how our apartment is facing and the time of the day.  Here are some comparison pictures we took right when we bought our flash to show why we like it.

Here is the type of flash that we bought. It is the lowest end that you can get,but it was what we could afford. We found it used on craigslist for over half of the price, and with all of the use we have gotten out of it, I really am glad we got it.


This one just slides onto a slot made for Flashes on our camera which is really nice.

Sorry that you have to look at me for the Subject matter,but here you go.

Nikon SB-400 AF Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Here is a picture at our place without any flash at all. You can see how dark it is and how I am getting light from lots of different sides and angles… hard to see picture.

 This is a picture with the flash that is on our camera. The background looks a lot darker and I have glare on my face in spots.

 Here is a goofy picture with our flash, everything looks brighter, easier to see and less glare on the face… I don’t look quiet as washed out.  This was with the flash pointed up rather than at me.



You can achieve the same thing by putting a piece of paper under your flash and it will redirect the light up. This makes a huge difference.


Our flash as seen above, has different angles that you can set it at to avoid the glare on peoples faces, etc. and bouncing the light up.

If you want to see a great blog where he shows the difference with and without a flash that tilts up, you can look HERE.



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