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Living Room Changes

by jrwarfield

Grant and I really like the coffee table that we bought a few years ago,but it was a child death trap when our nieces came over. The glass just sits on top of the metal sculpture part which means when the girls would hang on one side, the whole glass top would start sliding towards them. Needless to say we wanted something a little bit more sturdy we were wanting something with a little bit of a different look.


Here is our previous coffee table.

Here is the living room set up and to the right you can see our new coffee table. The table on the right was my desk at work and was given to me since most people don’t want a desk like that.

First we put the glass top on the floor before doing anything else to see how it would fit. It is a lot larger than our previous coffee table, and we decided we loved it!

We have super awesome friends here, Ashley & Andy, who cut these legs down for us. Here you can see Grant putting the table back together. The legs were just cut steel with this little frosted plastic piece popped in. So we just popped them onto the new cuts.


Here it is in place.

Here is the new layout. I know it isn’t the best looking,but we love how open it feels. Later in life with a house this will be awesome until it is just awkward…which we are good at.  🙂

Some pretty flowers.

The only problem with such a nice table is that it is just another dumping ground for junk,but we still feel it is soo worth it!

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Mom (Wow) September 6, 2012 - 6:23 am

Great way to re-purpose!!! I love the new table ~ WOOT!
Love you, Mom (Wow)

Ashley September 6, 2012 - 9:12 am

Love that I got credit for cutting the legs off even though it was all Andy- haha- I’m always stealing his thunder. Also, big coffee tables rock, good for games night (just sayin…). We miss ours, Ruby and the sharp corners didn’t get along too well though.


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