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by jrwarfield

Grant and I are very hesitant to make certain purchases that are custom to our condo while renting. Granted there are some things that we always wanted and knew we would make work in any house like our Barcelona chairs,but some thing we are wary of buying in case in won’t fit or work in a later home. I finally decided that we NEEDED some side table lamps in our living room for reading and general lighting since ours wasn’t great, but in order to get table lamps you have to find some you like, which we haven’t yet, and you need something to put them on.


Coaster 900250 Contemporary Snack Table with Glass Top, Silver

We wanted side tables that matched our current coffee table and dining table since we are hoping to have them in the same area in a future house. It could also compliment them without being the chrome with a white top,but since we found the tables above for SO cheap we jumped on them.


This type of “C” table normally goes for $250-$200 a table, and since these had good reviews on Amazon, we were willing to pay $35 a piece.


They were super easy to put them together since I did it all by myself!


Here is what our living room looked like before.


Here is what it looks like after.


Not a huge change, but once we find table lamps, we will put those bad boys on there and take off the random stuff on them right now.

DSC_5957The only thing I am not a fan of is our throw blanket storage situation,but I have some up with a solution coming up in my next post!

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