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Life Lately Post!

by jrwarfield

Here is just a fun Friday post of random things going on in our lives.


 My personal computer is an imac, and right now I’m not using a standing desk since it won’t really work with the current set up that we have, but for sitting or standing, the imac is just a little bit too low.


So a while ago, Grant signed up for this kickstarter for a base that raises the imac, and since we were funding it in the beginning it was cheaper than what they sell it for now.


I think he ordered it over a year ago, so I totally forgot that it would becoming. I love how perfectly it matches my imac.


It also raises the height to a much better level while sitting which is great.


I love seeing all the nature and animals at our new house. There is a Robin’s nest right outside the kitchen window that I sometimes like to watch.


There are at least three little baby birds in it.


We also have a nice fat bunny rabbit that I see almost every morning in different spots in our yard or our neighbor’s yard. We also have a very active chipmunk that LOVES running around our front door step and setting off our motion detecting camera. 🙂


Grant has been working on building a dresser which we probably won’t finish before she comes, and I worked on cleaning out the car. This week I’m also got the car seat checked at one of those free events to make sure we have it properly installed. It is crazy to hear the statistics of how many deaths happen not because of lack of carseat,but because of user error and installation.


My mother is amazing with plants. I can only keep them alive because I use self watering flower pots, and she tells me where I can have them light wise and where not. She also tells me when I’m aloud to repot, and when I should fertilize. I pretty much just put everything in my google calendar so it send me weekly reminders of what to do otherwise I would totally forget. Anyway, my fiddle leaf fig tree has been alive for over a year now, and after following my mom’s instructions, I have TWO NEW LEAVES this year. Woot for keeping things alive.

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!!

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