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Lord of the Rings Pumpkin

by jrwarfield

One of the couples in our young married’s group has an annual pumpkin carving contest. We attend to have fun and socialize,but never really try to win since my carving skills aren’t the best. Last year, I did a W pumpkin, and the year before that a Harry Potter Pumpkin.



I started carving at the party,but didn’t get that much done because of how long this pumpkin took.




Grant and Reese while I was carving.


How it looked while not illuminated.


The portion I still had to do after getting home.



One of the better final pictures.





It totally didn’t end up perfect,but I’m glad I at least tried to carve it. I have a feeling this next year with a newborn, we won’t be doing much carving or dressing up,but who knows.

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