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Sebastian’s Five Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Five Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 5 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 5 months old. (2/01/17-3/01/17)

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We totally forgot to take his five month stats,but we will have his six month ones in the next post because he has a doctor’s well visit that month.


We were able to celebrate Jackson’s first birthday in Huntsville since we couldn’t make it to Nashville for his party.



I know he looks terrified here,but he was having a blast. Even if he did go to bed before we sang Happy Birthday. 🙂


Grant and Reese can make him laugh the most,but sometimes I’m successful too.


Family photo and Grammie was in town.



Sebastian loved getting to see his Grammie as did Reese of course.


We practice sitting up, and he is doing pretty well so far. He likes holding his chew lamb and crinkly toys and books to play with. He isn’t a fan of his car seat, but doesn’t despise it like Reese did. We have his next car seat ready, so soon we will switch him.

FullSizeRender (1) copy

He was styling in Jackson’s old clothes.

Sebastian is always looking at and grabbing at his feet. Sometimes he will almost face plant when practicing sitting because he wants to get so close to them. We sometimes put a blanket on them just so he isn’t always trying to get them.

I could listen to him laughing all day.

We are still cloth diapering both kiddos which is nice. We have them separated by color to make it easier. So all blues, reds/oranges, and black and white diapers are his, and all of the rest are Reese’s diapers. In a pinch, we can set them to the size setting for either kid,but it makes it nice having certain diapers set for each kid for regular diaper changes. Sebastian gets more rashes than Reese did, but I think it is more due to what I am eating. He seems to be more sensitive to me eating diary and beans, but peanuts don’t seem to bother him.

FullSizeRender (1)

We had some cold weather this month, and Sebastian was a champ. I had to stop buckling him in to take this picture.


FullSizeRender (3)

Sebastian is such a happy kid, and he is so fun to be around.


FullSizeRender (4)

Tummy time, the story of our lives these days. I’m just glad he doesn’t scream bloody murder like Reese used to do.


So far Sebastian is super happy and outgoing. He will smile at most people that give him attention.

FullSizeRender (5)

More fun with Grammie.


FullSizeRender (6)

We think that Sebastian and Reese look nothing alike other than the hair and eye color.


FullSizeRender (7)

We read lots of books.


Sebastian picks up toys, chews on them, waves them around,etc. Here you can see him with one of his rattles that he likes to play with. I think his fine motor skills are right on track. Reese was more advanced then him I think,but he moves and is more active than she was without a doubt.

FullSizeRender copy

Sebastian did great at his 4 month check up, and didn’t have any issues with his shots. He did however get two superhero bandaids. Reese was very concerned and kept trying to take them off. (She hates bandaids.)



Just hanging out.

 Sebastian rolls over all the time now. I have to be really careful where I put him on the ground because sometimes he will roll so far that he will bump his head on something.

He responds to his name when he wants to. We know he can hear us,but sometimes he chooses not to look at us if he is really enthralled with something. Other times he looks right away. He always smiles at us and Reese and knows that we are his family. We are working on asking him where Mama, Papa, and Reese are.


At physical therapy, he is now down to once every three weeks which is so nice.

Sebastian tolerates baths, but doesn’t want to be laying down for them. If we have him sitting while holding one arm, he is a much happier camper.

We had more sicknesses this month which wasn’t fun,but so glad we are all over them.


We got to go to a birthday party for one of Reese’s classmates, and he slept through most of it.

 Sebastian will blow bubbles and almost spit with how he makes noises with his lips. He plays in his exersaucer,but still doesn’t jump or bounce in it. It is very hard to clip his finger nails and toe nails, he is very strong and unless I have him very distracted, he fights me on it.


The afternoons are hard these days. Both kids tend to wake up cranky, want Grant home, and are hungry. We don’t do snacks otherwise Reese won’t eat well so that puts us all on edge. On days where everyone is crying, I pack them up in the Thule and go for a walk. Normally just getting outside helps.



Sometimes we play on a blanket in the backyard when I want Reese to run around and play.



Sebastian and I have started going to Story Time while Reese is at School. Here he is mesmerized by the different kids and their parents as we wait for it to start.

 We also go to some play dates that we are invited to while Reese is at school or on Tuesdays since Reese is home we either go to a playdate or host one.


Reese had a half day of School. So Sebastian and I bundled up, and hung out while Reese played again at School while eating a special lunch while playing. We try to only have her eat sitting down at the table, but this time I let her take bites of food, and then run over to continue playing.



Bedtime with Papa during our pink eye epidemic. Reese brought it home from school, then Sebastian got it, and then a week later Grant and I both got it. Grant got it the worst,but so glad we are all over that.



Sebastian is now completely out of all swaddles. At bedtime, he also uses a sleep sack. He is also a hardcore stomach sleeper.


Sebastian likes to be startled, tossed into the air, and isn’t as nervous about things as Reese was at this age.


Sebastian and I take walks as well when Reese is in School.

 He is grunting, squealing, and squawking,but no sounds like da da da or ba ba ba yet.


Now that it is staying lighter longer, we head to the park after dinner when we aren’t running too late.


Here you can see us at the Park and Sebastian swinging with Grant.

Also sliding with Grant.


Sebastian loves anything that Reese or Papa want to do. So here they were horsing around before bedtime.

 We are still nursing, and he is doing great. I pump once a day for my freezer stash for after I wean him. When he wants to nurse he will smack his lips which is super hilarious. He is also getting more distracted while nursing. So if he hears Reese, he stop nursing to look at what she is doing and smile at her. It is super cute,but also annoying at times. We have tried giving him a sippy cup of pumped milk which we know is super early,but Reese slowly started getting the idea around six months. So we figured we would give it a shot,but he just chewed on the straw so we will try again later.


At 4 months old, we offered Sebastian food, and you can see in the video below what he thought, but around 5 months he has started to love food. He is really good at the mechanics of it which I think Reese took a little longer to grasp. Here is my babycook making a batch of sweet potatoes for Sebastian.


Here is Sebastian trying food right when he turned 4 months old. He wasn’t a fan as you can see. We skip all cereals and go straight to pureed veggies, some fruit, and soft boiled egg yolks.

We gave him a few weeks before trying food again, and since then there has been no looking back. He loves food. So far he is a big fan of green beans and the egg yolks more so than any of the fruit purees we have tried. Thanks Kira and Andrew for the big stash of green beans. I normally make my own food,but Jackson wasn’t a fan of green beans so we got a big supply.


Sebastian and Reese for that matter are so cute when they sleep. Sebastian is still taking 2-3 naps a day. He sleeps from 6/6:30pm until 5:30/6am depending on the day.

 Sebastian sleeps super well at bedtime and through the night,but still takes pretty short naps. Most of the time they are 35-35 minutes a piece which does make it hard to get things done. I’m trying to work with him to stretch those out so we will see if we are successful. He is awake for about an hour and fifteen minutes before his first nap in the morning, and after that he is normally awake two hours between naps.


Some more book reading and tummy time with me.

 He has been more fussy off and on, drooling a ton, chewing on anything,but no teeth in sight yet. Sebastian does not like having his face wiped off, a dirty diaper, being hungry, or tired. He also is VERY squirmy or tries to “noodle” as we call it whenever he is bored or in a position that he has decided isn’t what he wants.


Even with the cold weather, we bundle up to take walks to keep our sanity. We all get a little bit stir crazy.

Thanks for reading our update on our little Sebastian. It is crazy to think he has been in our family this long! He is such a perfect fit for us, and God knew just what he was doing. Seeing your spouse interact with your child is amazing,but seeing your children interact and laugh together is almost just as wonderful to see. I pray that Reese and Sebastian grow up to be good friends at least in adulthood if childhood is still a little tough. 🙂

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