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Funny and Totally True 0

Funny and Totally True

 All credit to if you can’t read it, just click on the picture to enlarge.

Jessica's Christmas Tree 0

Jessica's Christmas Tree

Well Jessica is huge into getting a real christmas tree and has definitely let me know that when we have our own place we are not having any of that fake christmas tree stuff in our place.  Well my sister also knows Jessica’s passion on christmas trees and called me up to show me a mini tree I could get for her for christmas.  That would be perfect except I already got Jessica’s presents and went over budget as it was.  So I told my big sis that I wasn’t able to get it for her because of all that. ...



I LOVE THRIFTING, but since Grant and I are on a budget, we have been trying to not buy anything which includes thrifting. When Simon was in town, he needed some clothes, so this was a good excuse to go as well. We went to two different thrift stores that we like here in Austin, and I would have to say that we found a pretty good haul. I got 3 banana republic shirts, 1 hollister t-shirt, 2 express shirts, an awesome pair of indigo shoes, and an amazing pair of jeans. The jeans are Brand 7 for all mankind...

Thanksgiving 2009 0

Thanksgiving 2009

For Thanksgiving this year, we had a very laid back, fun, and family filled event. It was planned pretty last mintue because none of knew what this week would hold since Tanya’s pregnancy was up in the air. So, in the end, we ended up having this awesome celebration with Tanya, Wilson, Mia, Ally, Emily, Shea, Anthony, Simon, Grant, and myself. The men decided that they wanted to eat steak, the females had chicken, and then everyone else brought different kinds of sides, and the rest of the time we played games, ate, talked, and cooed over Emi-chan! We picked...