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by gswarfield
I LOVE THRIFTING, but since Grant and I are on a budget, we have been trying to not buy anything which includes thrifting. When Simon was in town, he needed some clothes, so this was a good excuse to go as well. We went to two different thrift stores that we like here in Austin, and I would have to say that we found a pretty good haul. I got 3 banana republic shirts, 1 hollister t-shirt, 2 express shirts, an awesome pair of indigo shoes, and an amazing pair of jeans.

The jeans are Brand 7 for all mankind which I knew was a very nice brand, but since they fit great I figured why not branch out and buy my first ever pair of skinny jeans. So I bought these jeans for $6.99.

After a few days of wearing them, I was wondering how expensive this brand was… come to find out this pair of jeans brand new costs $155.00… I could never pay this much for jeans, but it made me very excited to own such a nice pair of jeans!


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Amaro Family December 7, 2009 - 5:13 pm

Steak is the greatest Thanksgiving idea since sliced bread!


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