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Thanksgiving 2009

by gswarfield
For Thanksgiving this year, we had a very laid back, fun, and family filled event. It was planned pretty last mintue because none of knew what this week would hold since Tanya’s pregnancy was up in the air. So, in the end, we ended up having this awesome celebration with Tanya, Wilson, Mia, Ally, Emily, Shea, Anthony, Simon, Grant, and myself. The men decided that they wanted to eat steak, the females had chicken, and then everyone else brought different kinds of sides, and the rest of the time we played games, ate, talked, and cooed over Emi-chan!

We picked up all of the meats on the way to Tanya and Wilson’s here is Grant’s Steak that they grilled at Shea and Anthony’s house.

Tanya and Wilson provided their home, their beverages, AMAZING cranberry fluff, and Mashed potatoes.

Here you can see Anthony’s Steak and Ally ready to go and get some food. Anthony and Shea provided their grill, and two different casseroles.

Grant and I brought the meats, 2 pies, and my favorite wine that we brought to Thanksgiving this year. It is a 2008 Saracco Moscato D’Asti Wine.
Here you can see Tanya drinking now that she is allowed… woot the baby is out.

I think this is a picture of Antony’s Steak which I heard was also Great!

Ally and me just chilling… She ate some of my food, but more than anything wanted to see what was going on.

Mia and ally wanted to join the fun! they love being involved with whatever is going on.

Finally me holding Emi-chan, I was trying to not hog her so much, but I could just watch her for hours, even when she is not really doing anything.

Simon sporting his new shirt from the thrift store holding Emi-chan.

Here you can see Emi-chan sleeping. She was so chill that whole time it was awesome!

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Sarina December 4, 2009 - 9:38 pm

Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving…the baby is out…but she is now feeding, so unfortunately…it's still really a no for a long time…sad day 🙁 Makes me sad to think it'll continue to be that way for me too. Emily is just so cute…I can see how you'd want to stare at her for hours.


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