So as you saw in the previous post, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We looked into all of the expensive places to eat here, but Grant was wanting ribs, and I was wanting slow cooked steak with a mushroom sauce. So, we just went to Outback Steak House since they had both of those dishes. I know that might seem kind of lame for the 5 year dinner,but we both wanted to go there and were happy.

DSC_6424 copy

On that day Grant had Friday off cause of the Furlough, and I only worked half a day. So we had an early dinner around 4pm before the dinner rush.

DSC_6428 copyWhen we bought our first DSLR Camera, my stipulation was that we had to get more picture of ourselves, so hence these pictures. :)

We are going on a beach vacation later this year that we are considering our “anniversary splurge” since it will be our first vacation since our honeymoon. So needless to say, we are excited!

DSC_6437Grant says that this picture shows off our personalities the best which made me laugh.


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3 Responses

  1. Mom (Wow) says:

    Great pictures! Yes, the 3rd one does show your personalites to a “T” love you both bunches!

  2. Aunt Sandi says:

    LOVE these pictures of you both! Great Job!

  3. Kira says:

    Love the last pic :)

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