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Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

by jrwarfield

Today is Grant and my 5th wedding Anniversary which is insane to think about. We have been so blessed throughout our marriage, and we have to remind each other that we have been married as long as we have because sometimes it seems too easy. We have had our ups and downs which mainly came from life circumstances rather than actual issues in our marriage,but I am sure those times will come. I love that Grant and I have always had the same goals that we are working toward. This last year has been pretty busy as well with moving cross country and slowly getting used to living somewhere new. If you had told us a year ago that we would have moved etc., we would have laughed at you. Thank goodness God’s plans are better than we can imagine even if we did have to wait a long time for it. It is amazing, I keep thinking life is too good to be true; that we are being blessed too much,but of course am so grateful! I have loved being able to experience life with Grant who definitely has all of the qualities that I lack and can’t wait to see what will happen in the future. I love you Grant!



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