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Our New Mohawk Rug

by jrwarfield

I have said in previous posts that as of now we are hesitant to buy a lot of things for our condo because in a few years we might move again and have a different configuration of rooms,etc. But I was literally jumping up and down when I found out that I had won a 6’x9′ Smartstrand carpet from Mohawk Flooring. Giveaway I won. We were allowed to pick from 40 different colors HERE, and it was shipped to us for free. It arrived WAY faster than I was expecting, but below are pictures of the process.

DSC_6029 copy

 Here is what our living room looked like before the rug.

DSC_6030 copyAs I said it is 9′ tall, and I felt bad for the UPS guy. Grant also makes jokes about how when I am determined enough I can pull almost anything off by myself. I think that fact terrifies him too.

DSC_6031 copy

Anyway, I hauled this rug up the stairs, and moved the furniture away to make room.

DSC_6033 copy

I used a utility knife to cut off the wrapping and started to position it.

DSC_6034 copy

We chose the color Lobster Fork which is a very light grey. Our wall colors are a werid pink/purple/white depending on the lighting so we know it isn’t the best color with these walls,but we aren’t allowed to paint them. Also, this is a color we want to have later in life in our hopefully future house.

DSC_6035 copy

Got everything together.

DSC_6042 copy

Here is how the edges are bound.

DSC_6044 copy

I am pretty excited because this rug has a lot of great reviews and features that make this rug even better than the fact that we got it for free. Read about those features here.


We love how it still had the colors we like,but it definitely makes our place feel more cozy.

DSC_6342Bird’s eye view, now to find some actual table lamps we like.

Have a great day!

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