Our Maternity Photos

Here are our Maternity Photos that our friend took. Here is her website if you are interested in her information.

Warfield Maternity-8720BW

Warfield Maternity-8821BW

Warfield Maternity-8836

Warfield Maternity-8904BW

Warfield Maternity-8910

Warfield Maternity-8919

Warfield Maternity-8926

Warfield Maternity-8952

Warfield Maternity-8995

Warfield Maternity-9022

Warfield Maternity-9038

Warfield Maternity-9050

Warfield Maternity-9073

Warfield Maternity-9079BW

Warfield Maternity-9096

Warfield Maternity-9132

Warfield Maternity-9154

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  1. April 2, 2017

    […] happy with how they turned out. As you may notice, we are wearing very similar outfits as with our photoshoot while I was pregnant with Reese. For us it just felt right to echo the first set of photos since both children are so close in age. […]

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