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Updates on Reese

by jrwarfield

Here are just some pictures and videos of Reese that we have taken lately to give you an update.



Grant and Reese at the hospital while we were waiting to be discharged.



Reese’s Crib set up. LED strips that we turn on the lowest setting so it doesn’t keep us up, but I can see her face. Then the “nest” that we copied from the nursery nurses to keep her from rolling over when we lay her on her side. We had her on her side so if she spit up she wouldn’t choke on it.


Here is Reese sneezing.


Reese likes to stick out her tongue.


My Mama took this picture, and I love looking at her profile.


We know she is in a deep sleep when her head is farther back like this and her mouth is open while sleeping.


Just having some chill time with Papa after getting her diaper changed.



Grant says I have weird pinky toes, and Reese has them too. I also can make them go like that when stretching. (They don’t stay like that.)


Reese just playing around with her paci the few times we have gotten her to take it.


Papa wearing Reese on one of our evening walks.



Me wearing Reese in the morning after a rough night and trying to make sure I could get Papa’s breakfast ready.


Reese has an awesome mullet going on, her hair is soft, thick, and longer in the back.


We got an accidental smile in her sleep here.


She has nice long eye lashes,but they are hard to capture.


She has started grasping things which is good.


When Reese gets fussy, we tend to take her outside since it seems to calm her most of the time.


She still doesn’t focus much on books,but this time she was really paying attention when I was reading her one.


Mommy’s Little Muggle shirt that I was given at my baby shower in Austin. Thanks again to all of my hostesses!



We have been practicing sitting in the bumbo since she likes seeing what is going on around her.

We think she is doing a great job with her neck strength,but of course we are probably biased.


We went on a trip to Target here, she ended up getting fussy,but refused to take the paci, oh well.

IMG_1794 copy

Another funny time she was sleeping like this.

Just a video showing her sucking reflex that she sometimes does in her sleep.


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