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It is no surprise that I love most Mexican foods, I’m not a fan of mole or tamales,but enchiladas, burritos, tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas are some of my favorite foods. is a classic enchilada recipe that our friend made for us when we had Reese as a newborn. She was kind enough to share it with me.

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Chicken Marsala

I actually had never eaten Marsala chicken before, but after hearing about it, and seeing a recipe on I decided to give it a go. Grant is always willing to try anything I make even when it doesn’t turn out,but at least he is okay with me attempting things. This recipe turned out great, so it has made it into our rotation for dinners.

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Sarah’s Cornbread Dressing

Growing up I was never a huge fan or dressing or stuffing. I ate some at Thanksgiving or holidays when it was served,but it wasn’t the number one thing I looked forward to. I then had Sarah’s cornbread dressing, and I just love the taste of it. I make it now occasionally since it tastes so good. It is also a very simple recipe to make, so that helps as well.

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Harry Potter Cooking Club

In October, it was my turn to host cooking club. This is a fun monthly get together that a few girls from our church and other friends in Huntsville go to. The host can either pick a restaurant to “host” at since a lot of us have younger kids and cleaning your house is more stressful these days, and those who want to attend RSVP, just attend like a girl’s night out. If you as the host decide to host at your house, you can pick a theme if you want, and then you can also pick all of the...

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Gail’s Gouda Stir Fry

As I have mentioned before, whenever Gail comes for a visit we always share recipes. Some she makes for us, and some we make for her. It is so nice to switch things up and eat something new, or make something I haven’t made in a while. Here is one of the dishes she made for us that was a huge hit. I make it at least once a month for us, and we all really like it. *The AMYLU brand sausages we use in this dish are the best ones for it. They don’t know us nor is this...

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Healthy Vegan Treats

My dad has been eating Vegan for a while, and when my parents came for a visit they brought a bunch of these treats for him to snack on. I tried them and thought they were super yummy. Since I can’t eat lots of diary with Reese, I will make these occasionally since they are very grab and go!  I hope you enjoy them. First add your ripe bananas to your bowl. Then add your old fashioned oats. Next add your chopped dates. I added craisins next. Then add the chopped nuts of your choice, I did pecans here. Add your dash...