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Austin Visit and my Harry Potter Baby Shower

So in the beginning of January, in the middle of trying to buy our house, I got to go visit Austin. We had my tickets bought for a while, so the timing wasn’t the best for the house stuff, but Grant managed to handle doing most of the stuff without me. Our realtor said he seemed more frazzled since I prefer to handle most detailed planning things,but he did a great job! This was my first visit to Austin in 2 YEARS which is insane to say,but boy did I love being back and getting to see so many friends...

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How to Repaint a China Teapot and Make it Dishwasher Safe!

I was excited to attend the Ladies Tea for the first time at our church. They were asking for people to volunteer to make some food for the event which is how this whole thing started. I emailed asking what food they needed only to be asked to decorate a table. Having never attended this event, I had no clue what to expect or how the other tables would look. I asked for more guidelines and hit two large hitches. I needed to provide my own china and 2 teapots among lots of other things. I don’t own china or...

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Holiday Festivities

I was pretty excited about the holidays this year. The day after Thanksgiving, I started putting up the tree and slowly adding different decorations. I would love to have a real Christmas tree,but they are really expensive, and then just get thrown away so until we have kids, we will make due with the fake tree. Also, we have never seen Christmas decor as a need, so most of it is bought used or on sale each year with my allowance. So, I slowly am adding to what I have year after year.

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Jessica’s Baby Shower

I finally helped host my first Baby Shower at our new church. I had attend two,but since it is a smaller church the rate of pregnancies is a little slower than it was at Westover. The crazy part of this shower is that the mother to be is called Jessica Grasham. I have never in my life me someone with the same name as me before I was married, so it was very weird designing a Baby Shower invitation with the name I had used for over 20 years.

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Tanya’s Baby Shower

I just realized that I hadn’t posted about my sister Tanya’s last baby shower!!!! My sister and her husband adopted my nephew Jonas, and this was their fourth child. Normally we don’t do baby showers unless it is the first child,but they only had a few days to get ready for him since the process went faster than expected. So, we did a diaper, formula, and wipes shower for them to help get them started.

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Christmas In the Air

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love getting to set up the Christmas tree and cozy up inside. This year we went to Ohio for Christmas,but more on that to come later. Below are some of the preparations that I have been making before Christmas.