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DIY Elastic Headbands with Bows

I am always trying to find good things to add to my baby shower gifts. There are a lot of different baby things you can make,but some people don’t use, they take way too much time to be worth it, or they are to expensive where you might as well have just bought something. I enjoy making the burp cloths, but just giving three burp cloths doesn’t seem like a good enough baby shower gift. So, I found a super simple way of making cute headbands for girl gifts at least. They are VERY affordable and have two different ways...

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Burp Cloth Update

A while back, I made a ton of burp cloths for the various baby showers that I attended. The tutorial can be found here. I finally have run out, so, it was time to replenish my stock. I learned a few things to make the whole process go faster. It is sad that it took me so long, but sometimes I like repetitious work over the problems solving work. Below you can see what differences that I figured out to speed out the process.

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Christmas Hair Ties

This year for Christmas, I was to give a few different ladies to girls gifts but really didn’t have the budget for it. I wanted something cute, functional,and didn’t break the bank. So, I decided on hair Knotties. They can be worn as a bracelet or used as a hair tie, and they are very “trendy” right now. You can buy them at places like Anthropologie for around $15 a set or on Etsy around $6-12 a set depending on which kind you want or which seller you choose.