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Trip to Searcy Arkansas

by gswarfield
A while ago now, Grant and I drove from Austin, TX to Searcy, AR for a weekend, or better yet two days. We left on a Friday morning when I had taken off of work. We made it into Searcy later that night, and then hung out with my Cousin Simon. We were also very blessed to be able to stay with the Robertson Family (My older Sister’s In-Laws) who seem to have almost adopted us since we are treated like we are their children or married into their family! The next morning, Saturday, we went to our storage unit and got winter clothes and random other things that we had been missing. After that, we headed back to Austin, TX and had most of Sunday to chill.

This was driving into Dallas, I thought it just looked like a nice city scape!

This was also in the Dallas Area, a nice body of water.

This is one of the funniest things that I was not expecting! Here you can see a TRANSFORMER! If you click on the picture and look at it more closely, you can see multiple Transformer Logos, and even Autobots instead of expedition or whatever make SUV this car is.

Here you can kind of see flooding on a construction site where they were trying to pour concrete… not the best conditions… this was leaving Little Rock.

In the next few pictures you can see more of the flooding where even equipment was under water.

As stated above.

This might not be the most interesting picture,but Arkansas is not the natural state for no reason! It is always so beautiful.

Speaking of natural, here is the infamous Trash Mountain, that is literally all trash… this is as we were leaving Little Rock to return home.

I love seeing funny animals, and this giraffe with its tongue stuck out really made me laugh! I cannot remember for the life of me where this was taken,but it was still funny to see.

And now after we have gotten home. I am sad to say that all of my clothes that we brought back are not yet put away. Since our return from this trip, I don’t think that we have been as busy since we have gotten married, but thus is life.

In this picture, you can see the items that I brought from the storage unit on the left. On the right, are the items that Grant decided to bring back. Also, Grant wanted me to mention that there are still more shoes in the storage unit that are mine, and I accidentally had 3 more pairs of shoes in one of the bins. We actually had more room in our car to bring more home, but we would need somewhere to put everything we bring back, so we refrained. I for one am ecstatic that I have more of my clothes, but am very happy and grateful for all the different things that Grant and I have been blessed with through out our lives and marriage that matter so much more than clothes and shoes.

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Arkansas… more than meets the eye.


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