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Even better!

by gswarfield

So We needed to grab some shelves from Ikea for Jessica’s library. Well Simon(Zeemon) and I went to ikea to do this after jess went to work. Well we didn’t realize that Ikea opens at 10am. It was 9am. Simon and I both just were like “ahhh crap didn’t even realize it was so early.” So we were about to just go to some other store and then we saw that Ikea’s restaurant opens at 9:30am. Well we finally got into Ikea and I had to pee really bad, so we made a detour into the restroom. Well hung up in front of the urinal there was Ikea’s “whats happening this month” calender. Well how awesome.. The day we were there was the day they had a buy one 1.99 breakfast, get one free..!!!! Sweeet!! Well we went to do this and they said no that isn’t true. We both said that is what your calender thing says. So long story short the manager literally went into the restroom to find out we were right. The coffee was free too!!!

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