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Free Stuff Thanks to Hip2Save

by jrwarfield

It has been a little while since I have posted. Grant and I have both been working at Alpha Granite, and Grant has even been working almost full time which has been a huge blessing. We are wanting very much to pay off our loans so any extra cash we can get will definitely help.

As many of you know, I have been reading the blog www.hip2save.com a lot, and I get a lot of my great deals off of her website. A few of the things that she puts on there are just sweepstakes or things to enter. I do them for poops and giggles,but I never expect to win anything. But low and behold I won something!!!

Actually, I won two!

Johnson and Johnson has some awesome giveaways where the first 10,000 to enter win, etc. So I always enter just because you never know.

This was the larger of the two; I had never gotten anything like this so it was a cool treat, especially since I won’t have to buy ziplock bags for a while now.

After there first win, a few weeks later I got this one in the mail, a little bit smaller,but I will take anything free and be completely satisfied.

Again, very few Ziplocs will be bought for a while.

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