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Sleep Talking

by jrwarfield

Grant told me the other day that I talk in my sleep. Sometimes he says he is sleeping to hard to really understand what  I am saying, and other times he will actively talk to me to see what I say.

One Time:

Jessica: It’s written down somewhere.

Grant: What is written down?

Jessica: How far away I am from the first of the month

Another time:

Jessica: Something about moving the pot off of the budget

Grant: What about the pot?

Jessica: I don’t know how to explain it!

Another Time:

Jessica: There is something in the computer box!

Grant: Jessica, what is in the computer box?

Jessica: Someone put runny oatmeal in the computer box.

Grant: I’ll clean it up, don’t worry.

Jessica: oh, OK. *goes back to sleep*

* This last one I can kinda explain, Grant is big on keeping boxes. I have no issues with this, but he sometimes worries about them getting messed up. He also makes fun of the fact that I like “runny” oatmeal. So, I guess I was worried about them getting messed up too. *

I get up in the mornings before Grant, and if he hears me get up he will be kind of awake, and then go back to sleep. During those times he will sometimes ask me questions, and I answer them. Then later that day, he will ask me again because he didn’t hear or remember my response…. maybe we are getting senile at age 22 and 25 ;p

Don’t know why, but I thought this was a fun little post. It is a good thing that Grant and I are both Deep sleepers because otherwise I’m sure my sleep talking habits wouldn’t go over too well.

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