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by jrwarfield

Grant and I aren’t all that exciting people,but here are a few random pictures of what has been going on in our lives

IMG_1460I didn’t have a Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed case, and so my little sister, Raya, got me a hard case from Amazon for a late birthday present as well as two books I haven’t read yet.

IMG_1461I am and was super excited about this because when I sew I set up on the dining table, sew, and then pack up. The Brother 5300 Universal Sewing Machine Carrying Case isn’t necessary when you have a sewing room and can leave everything out all the time.(The handle isn’t broken I just didn’t push it down correctly.)


I got a new pair of glasses since my previous pair of plastic frames broke. These are super awesome, also if you have a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, they sell contacts cheaper than even 1-800 contacts, and I got these glasses for pretty cheap. We have eye insurance,but Sam’s and Costco weren’t on the list, but they just charged it as out of network and got almost the same amount of “credit” as a regular place which was awesome.


Just a lot of great food, it definitely takes more time, but so worth it. Keto Burgers


Very yummy stuffed bell peppers, we made a lot so we had lunches for the week. Recipe HERE!


One of our cheat meals on a weekend was this Gryo from Big Papa Gyros… I ate it so fast I think Grant got two bites… oops!


Some low carb tortillas that are really tasty which we occasionally eat.


Caesar salad is a fun side dish with fresh parmesan on it, and we finally found our favorite caesar dressing by Newman’s Own.

IMG_1414We just started P90X, but we found this Iron Gym Total Body Fitness Kit Complete 4-Piece Kit  for super cheap on woot, and that makes it a lot easier, maybe one day I will be able to do a pull up.


Two of my new colors…Grant calls it my obsession.


Another Great lunch, Cucumber salad with Brats.


My serger had one of the threads not working on it, and I was to lazy to mess with fixing it so Grant fixed it for me.

DSC_4208When he found out I was taking pictures! 🙂


Some beautiful flowers Grant got me just because!

We have been mainly just working, going to church, and trying to keep eating keto.  We did play tennis at the court our condo complex has which was a lot of fun. Next time we will read up on the rules cause I’m pretty sure neither of us knew what we were doing. We are both excited about having the 27th off and hanging out. Also, the month of June is going to be CRAZY with all of the things we have going on so I am excited and praying that everything works out smoothly.

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