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Fun House Updates

by jrwarfield

Here are some of the fun updates that we have done around our condo to make it function better for us, and to make me happy…cause I’m crazy and certain things drive me crazy.


 When we moved in, our bedroom looked like this. We love this look, but there was a lot of wasted space.


We now use our room to work out, and so we keep our weights and other workout gear out, so we don’t have to pay for a gym membership.


We also bought some rubber flooring that we can work out on so our laminate floors don’t get messed up or shift.


Here is a picture of when we got our new rug.

small pic

Since then, we have the great basket that my Mother-in-Law made for me for Christmas and two lamps. I know these lamps are crazy big for those side tables, but we just can’t find any other side tables we like yet, so for now they will have to work.


Nothing crazy here, but I just hung my Stendig Calendar up in the dining room. We aren’t aloud to make any holes in our walls so 3M to the rescue.


This is our freezer, our landlord got it pretty cheap since it doesn’t even have a brand, but it also came without a shelf for the freezer. I couldn’t find one online to fit, and I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a fridge I don’t even own. Anyway, it was a mess without a shelf, and it drove me crazy.


Aldi always carries things I want/need it is crazy. They had this shoe shelf for $4.99 so for me it was worth paying for.




 This was a great excuse to inventory the freezer and completely clean it out.


I know it doesn’t seem much better,but I was able to fit 3 whole chickens, and the ice trays… since that is the only way we can have ice.



 Next is our coat closet. All of our shoes were over stuffed in the floor shoe rack I had, and just pilling up on the floor. So Aldi to the rescue again for $12.00 well spent.


Grant is VERY picky about over the door shoe racks. He doesn’t like how when you open and close the door the rack thumps against it. So this one is made of metal and plastic pieces, and can be screwed into the door, so if we ever own a house it will be VERY secure. Also,  since this isn’t a very often used door like to our bedroom, he was fine with this rack.


 Here are the rest of the shoes no longer piled on the floor. Small Updates for the Win! It is crazy how organizing a few small spaces makes me so much happier. Sometimes it is the little things that stress me out more than I realize. Have you organized anything lately? Have you bought stuff at Aldi that you liked? I love my glazed dutch oven from Aldi, and I cannot wait until they carry them again so I can get a few more sizes.


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