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Pregnancy Post – 31 Weeks

by jrwarfield

I am now 32 weeks, so here is my 31 week update.

Check out the week 30 update Here:

30 weeks
31 weeksHow far along:

How big is baby:  Three pounds five ounces and the size of a coconut.

Weight gain:  17 Pounds – so I lost 2 lbs. which is perfectly fine because I was watching what I ate more and not snacking as much. Also, at every appointment, she has been measuring perfectly on target. 🙂

Sleep: This week sleeping has been great, and I have been sleeping like a rock. A few times I even slept so deeply that I didn’t even get up to use the restroom which is a huge surprise, but then woke up feeling like I was about to pop. ;p

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I have been loving veggies this week which works out perfectly because my dad eats mainly a vegan diet lately, so we have had a huge abundance of yummy dishes while they have been visiting with a few treats thrown in there. My parents treated us to Sushi (cooked rolls) which was delicious. As we were leaving the sushi chef realized I was pregnant and was all excited asking when I was due and telling me sushi is good for the baby which made me chuckle. They claim what you eat in these last few months will help your baby like different foods, so we are trying to eat a variety of foods.

Movement: I haven’t been feel as many kicks per say just a lot more movement and readjusting. I can tell that things are starting to get tight for her in there. So, when I was sitting down and painting trim in the nursery for instance, I would feel limbs poking to either side sometimes since I’m sure I was squishing her space while bending over.

What I’m loving: Modern medicine and getting good deals at an annual consignment sale here in Huntsville. I also got my hair cut this weekend, and I got to see Kira, Andrew, and Alana as well as my parents which was wonderful.

Symptoms: Feeling a lot better this week, but I have noticed that I have been leaking a lot more this week than before. I can also tell that she has less room, and will push or kick when she doesn’t like the position I’m sitting in. I have been starting the exercises that the Bradley method book says to do, so lets hope I can stay consistent, and that they really help.

What I’m looking forward to: Since my parents were in town this week, we got a ton of painting done in the nursery. My mom and I finished painting the ceiling, then we did 3 coats of paint on the bright blue trim. Boy is that trim color hard to cover up, and our paint is paint and primer in one. I have to do one more coat hopefully soon, and then I can paint the walls! I can’t wait to see the light grey that we chose for the walls in there as it already looks like a totally different room with the trim and ceiling white.

Thoughts: Our calendar is filling up, and we are starting to get down to the what are our highest priorities to finish on the house before baby comes. So lets hope we can get on the same page and complete as many started projects as possible. I also have been getting comments from random strangers on being pregnant which is kinda strange to get used to, but before it wasn’t obvious enough that I was expecting. So far only nice comments so that is good.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Logan Can March 24, 2015 - 7:52 am

You look great! I am currently 34 weeks with my second! I’m definitely getting “ready” to have her. You’re doing great with your weight gain! I’ve already gained 24 despite my efforts to not gain much weight.

jrwarfield March 24, 2015 - 8:32 am

Thanks Logan! I’m sure in these last few weeks I will really be putting on more weight,but lots of home DIYs and walks have really been helping in the weight department I think. Too busy to sit around and eat otherwise that is all I would be doing. 🙂

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