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Day in the Life Post 2

by jrwarfield

In November of last year, I did a “Day in the Life” post that you can read HERE of what my typical day is like without Reese. Below is an updated day of what my glamorous life is like with a 2 month old baby. 🙂 All joking aside, I love being home with Reese. There are times I get bored or frustrated, but she just has to give me one of her gummy smiles, and I forget all the other stuff and realize how lucky I am.

4:20 AM – Reese wakes up;Feed her, change diaper, continue feeding, she poops again so change diaper again, then swaddle Reese again.
4:45 AM – Put Reese back to bed, and I take shower.
5:00 AM – Start work.
6:30 AM – Start making breakfast, putting together Grant’s lunch, and ironing his shirt.
6:40 AM – Eat a quick breakfast, drink tea, and finish last-minute work.
7:00 AM – Reese wakes up, say goodbye to Grant, feed Reese, change diaper, and feed again.
7:30 AM – Tummy time with Reese.
7:45 AM – Leave for a walk around the neighborhood before it gets too hot outside.
8:10 AM – Come inside and change Reese’s clothes, then playtime, and tummy time.
8:50 AM – Lay Reese down for first nap and do more work.
9:33 AM – Reese wakes up hungry, so I feed her, and change her diaper.
9:55 AM – She falls back asleep for second nap since the first was really short, and I do more work.
11:55 AM – Reese wakes up, and I feed her, and change her diaper twice.
12:45 PM – I take Reese’s 11 week picture and play/talk with her.
12:55 PM – Rinse cloth diapers in bathroom while Reese watches.
1:00 PM – Grab food while Reese is in the swing.
1:10 PM  – Play with Reese, we get the mail, and bring the empty trash can to the garage from the street.
1:20 PM – Change her diaper.
1:32 PM – Lay Reese down for third nap, I clock in and do some work then clock out. I then work on a blog post, eat a small snack of fruit, and get everything ready for us to go to target to get some groceries that are on sale. Pack diaper bag, get car seat ready, and wait for Reese to wake up.
3:35 PM – Reese wakes up from nap, and I feed her, change her diaper, feed her, and we play for a bit.
4:00 PM – Take Reese grocery shopping at target.
5:03 PM – Back home and feeding Reese, changing her diaper, and finishing her feeding.
5:25 PM – Grant gets home and takes Reese to play with her while I make dinner – homemade pizza.
6:15 PM – I get Reese back to do more tummy time.
6:30 PM – Change Reese’s diaper, put her in her pjs, swaddle her, and feed her.
6:42 PM – Put Reese to bed as she is too tired to stay up any longer.
6:45 PM – Grant and I sit down to eat dinner together.
6:55 PM – Throw cloth diapers in washer, head out to pick up groceries from Walmart pick up, and get free iced coffee with coupon as a special treat 🙂
7:15 PM – Get groceries loaded in car and head home.
7:30 PM – Unload groceries with Grant’s help.
7:45 PM – Start doing dishes, sorting laundry, and cleaning around the house.
8:00 PM – Have chill time on the computer reading emails, entering giveaways, surveys, and blog post prep.
8:40 PM – Hang up cloth diapers to dry, keep cleaning around the kitchen, and getting everything ready for breakfast tomorrow.
9:00 PM – Pump for storing milk in freezer, more cleaning, getting things ready for bed.
9:45 PM – Head to bed and read with Grant. We are currently starting the Shannara books my absolute favorite series 🙂

The show based on these books is starting in January 2016, and above is the sneak peak trailer.
10:51 PM – Lights out finally going to sleep.

*This is just one day that I documented as the day went along, some days I don’t clean in the evenings, or we don’t sit down to eat dinner until 8pm. Life with Reese changes all the time, but this was close to our “normal” these days. The older she gets the more it changes, but I’m okay with that. I love seeing Reese get more responsive, and it is funny that toward the end of play time sometimes I’m just waiting for her to go to sleep for her naps because she is cranky. But the funny thing is, normally before she wakes up I am super excited to spend time with her again. It is funny how that cycle goes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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