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Reese’s Three Month Update

by jrwarfield

Three Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Reese turned 3 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point she turns 3 months old. (7/11/15-8/11/15)

9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks copy

12 weeks

13 weeks



Reese’s Three Month Stats 
Weight:  12 lbs (44th percentile)
Height:  25 in (96th percentile)
Head:   15.75 in (53rd percentile)

(We took these measurements since we don’t see our pediatrician until next month, so most of her cousins don’t have stats listed either.)



Reese is still a happy baby, and doesn’t mind wearing hats as long as they don’t get her in way. Here is the sun hat that Papa bought for her. 🙂



Reese’s standard expression is a serious face just like Grant. People always think Grant is angry or seriously contemplating something because of this expression.



Reese is really starting to actually look at books and enjoy them. We can get through 3 sometimes before she she wants to do something else. I’m getting pretty good at her favorites since I don’t even need to see the pictures and know the words by heart.



She likes being in her swing ,even though she is almost too tall, to see the spinning bee mobile and the mirror too. She won’t really sleep in the swing anymore which is nice too.



We still take walks when we can and sometimes use the Ktan wrap,but I think she prefers the Ergo.



We are still cloth diapering and loving it. Reese doesn’t get rashes, we can air dry them in just a few hours, and Grant is all about saving money. Reese is still very calm during diaper changes, and while I let her air out, she will roll to her side when she wants.



Reese is getting cuter and cuter each day. She is so much more interactive, smiling, cooing, and trying to talk to us.



Reese likes looking at herself in the mirror, and her double chin is getting legit.




Reese LOVES ceiling fans… here you can see the smiles that only the fan gets.



Some days Reese really loves tummy time.




Some days she isn’t feeling tummy time at all. But look at her hair growth!



Some days we are more stylish in the H&M coat and jeggings Mama sewed for her. Reese is wearing and almost too tall for most 6 month clothes.



Reese loved looking at the pretty flowers that papa brought home for both of us.



Reese moves A TON in her crib. We have to readjust her multiple times at night in her sleep so she is unstuck, doesn’t smack her head, or lodged somewhere. I am going to get or make a mesh cover for the crib soon, so that this doesn’t happen anymore. She does 180s on a regular basis in her crib.



Reese still likes to be swaddled. We tried to have her just in a sleep sack this month, and she freaked out. So, we will have to go slower on her not being swaddled. We will start with one arm out and go from there.


I tried to reintroduce peanuts this month thinking that this wasn’t affecting her,but boy was I wrong. She got a rash all over, eczema on her face, VERY fussy, and had mucousy poo. So, I probably won’t try to see if she can handle peanuts again until a lot later. I have been enjoying Sun Butter which smells a lot different,but has the same consistency as regular peanut butter.

I tried to bring in dairy again, and she can handle it much better than before. It doesn’t make her fussy which is great,but it still gives her gas which is easier for her to pass these day. So, I’m still staying away from dairy,but not as crazy as before. If I use an ingredient that contains milk or dairy in it, I am fine with it,but I won’t put cheese on things, eat yogurt, or drink milk since large quantities bother her more. It is very nice not having to be so strict.

Reese is starting to like sitting up with assistance since she can see more than if she was laying down. This also makes her easier to burp which is nice as well. So, we practice that, as well as tummy time on a regular basis.

Reese hates the snot sucker,but we love it since it works so well. Reese also has a ton of ear wax,but my pediatrician said it isn’t a big deal, she just makes a lot right now.


My first pair of jeggings that I sewed for Reese.

FullSizeRender (1)

They fit her really well.


I’m so glad that they fit over her cloth diapers.

Reese is getting better at moving her head smoothly, tracking objects with her eyes, and head smoothly as well as making eye contact more. She used to look at people’s hair more than their eyes.


Reese has her fussy times too. 🙂

Reese has started drooling more and chewing/gnawing on her hands a lot.

Reese is still sleeping amazingly well. She goes down between 6:30/7:30pm and normally sleeps until 5:30/6:30am. Occasionally she will wake up at 3:30 or 4:30,but then is back down until 6:30 or 7 then. Her napping is getting better too. She is so much easier to put down awake and falls asleep on her own now that we can tell when she is more tired.

She does this funny complaining/whiny cry when she is tired. She is put down to nap every 1.5-2 hours after her last nap which means she has very little if any crying it out.


Thanks for reading about Reese! We love you all!!

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