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Reese’s Eight Month Update

by jrwarfield

Reese’s Eight Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Reese turned 8 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point she turns 8 months old. (12/11/15-1/11/16)

week 32

week 33

week 34

week 35

Reese’s Eight Month Stats  (We took these ourselves so we tried to be as accurate as possible.)
Weight:  17 lbs 8 oz (43rd percentile)
Height:  28 in (84th percentile)
Head:   17 1/4 in (60th percentile)

Jensen’s Eight Month Stats
Weight: 18.2 lbs (25th percentile)
Height:28.5 inches (50th percentile)
Head: 18 inches (75th percentile)

Now that Reese is able to scoot around more, she is interested in EVERYTHING.


Still loving her exersaucer.


She has such beautiful eyes,but she is still toothless.


When she is being goofy, she will scrunch her nose like here.


She started crawling at the very end of this time frame I blogged about, so here you can see her getting super close to crawling.


Boxes are so much fun to play in.


Weekly pictures are SO HARD to take these days. I lay her down and before I’m standing or even have the camera in my hand she is on the move.


Our neighbor came over and gave Reese a Christmas gift of this cute hat and matching gloves. The gloves are still to big,but we just love this hat.


We had our first snow fall.


Reese loved it. She wasn’t a fan of eating it,but touching it on the branches of our bushes was cool.


Reese attended another birthday party this month, and she was out cold on the way home.


She was so tired, that I was able to transfer her out of the car seat and into her bed for the rest of her nap… that normally doesn’t happen.


I think we had just gotten back from a family walk.


Almost crawling.


Reese got to try Chick Fil A for the first time. Of course she loved it, and I will say their highchairs, and kid mats are awesome. They totally make me want to bring my kid again!


Reese still loves puling down the side panels.


We had to lower her crib down.


Reese loves sitting in the rocking chair that Gail got her.


The building where Grant works had a Christmas open house that Reese and I got to attend. Well, they had a professional photographer take pictures of the kids with Santa. Grant said ALL of the other pictures turned out this bad and blurry. But as you can tell, she wasn’t thrilled with Santa.



Reese liked the Christmas Tree.



We ate special pancakes on Christmas Eve Morning!



Reese loved ripping the paper and trying to eat it during her first Christmas.


Playing with some of her Christmas gifts.


Playing with Papa is even more fun!


Another family walk,but in the outfit I sewed for her.


Some days we are cranky.


We wanted Reese to play on the floor of the bathroom while Grant showered, and I got breakfast started. We figured she couldn’t get into any trouble like this.


Boy were we wrong. Reese – 1, Parents – 0


Reese still sleeps all crazy.


Reese has her dramatic flare when she wants to. Here she made herself fake cry and whine because I changed her clothes.


She looks so hipster and grown up here. 🙂


Sometimes we use the bigger kid shopping carts at target.


More walks.


More crazy sleeping by Reese.


It is much harder to change Reese’s diapers these days since she is so rolly, wiggly, and plain impatient with having her diaper changed. We are still cloth diapering and loving it.


Reese was fake crying and acting all upset when I put her hair in a pony tail… I even made sure it wasn’t tight, oh well.

Sitting on Grant’s shoulders and pulling his hair makes her happy.

Reese still loves food; we haven’t found anything that she dislikes yet. Spaghetti is one she does like a lot though.

She likes drinking out of a regular cup or with a straw if we will let her.

Reese has been loving books lately; just how much she interacts has changed a ton. Here you can see when we first started some of the touch and feel books with her.

One of her favorite books that Tante Raya sent Reese. Here she was just trying to see what was on each page,but after a week she flips the pages so fast for you, you can barley keep up.

Here you can see how much more advanced with turning the pages she is.

Reese is very vocal, here are just a few of her sounds. These days she can say BABABABABABA, DADADADADA, NANANANANA, and she even says MAMA now even though it isn’t associated with me.

Here you can see Reese can turning circles, but not moving forward yet. We were facetiming with Gail and Leah June on Christmas Day.

Reese is wearing 9 month onesies but sleepers and pants in 12 month size.

Reese is enthralled by our roomba. We have been trying to slowly show it to her so she doesn’t get scared of it.

Here are just some of the fun games Grant plays with Reese.

Grant can still get the best belly laughs from Reese.

Reese is down to two naps a day, and has 2 1/2 to 3 hours between naps these days.

Peekabo is one of her favorite games.

She still loves drinking out of her contigo. Thanks Daniel and Sarina for the recommendation.

Reese still likes the exersaucer and especially bouncing in it while seeing herself in the mirror.


Keys are her favorite play thing as well as a baby thermometer and a spatula.

Reese’s fine motor skills are getting so much better. She likes to feed herself puffs and other foods if we let her.

Here is Reese the day before she officially learned to crawl. I know she is naked here so sorry,but her expression after our excitement was just cracking us up!

Here is a video of Reese the day she turned 8 months old where she is Crawling.

Thanks for reading this update on our little Reese!

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Raya Crews February 17, 2016 - 4:37 am

As always this was so precious! Thanks for putting in the peekawho book! I really liked seeing her enjoy it with Grant! And the video of her learning to crawl was SOOO cute!!!! I loved it!! Keep the posts coming!


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