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Reese’s Seven Month Update

by jrwarfield

Reese’s Seven Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Reese turned 7 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point she turns 7 months old. (11/11/15-12/11/15)

week 28

week 29


week 30

week 31

Reese’s Seven Month Stats  (We took these ourselves so we tried to be as accurate as possible.)
Weight:  16 lbs 13 oz (44th percentile)
Height:  27 1/2 in (84th percentile)
Head:   16 3/4 in (33rd percentile)


Reese has still been babbling, roaring, growling, shrieking, and talking; she now says “dada,”but since we don’t call Grant Dada we know it is just another sound she is saying. It is still cute though.

We still cloth diaper and love it.

We are still toothless around these parts as well.

We haven’t noticed much separation anxiety yet,but she has been more stand off ish to strangers so far.

Bath time is more and more fun. She gets excited about taking a bath, and loves splashing and eating her bath toys.

She still loves watching the garage door open and close. Especially at the end of the day because it means Grant is home.

We have no clue why,but Reese loves when we walk into dark rooms.

She is mesmerized by technology. We totally understand,but don’t let her watch tv or really look at anything on our phones. We feel she is just too young. If you chose to, that is perfectly fine.

Tags and zippers are still where it is at. No matter what she playing with, she will make a huge effort to find any sticker or tag and play with it for a long time.

She rolls super fast now from stomach to back and reverse. So she is pretty mobile without crawling yet.

She is still a stomach sleeper, and we had to battle our second sickness this month. She was a trooper, and it could have been much worse,but she had a fever for three days, got a whole body rash, and boom it was over. No clue why or how she got it,but there you go.

One of the cute things that Reese does is kick, swing, flail her right foot and leg. When she is in her high chair and likes something her right leg is wildly swinging, just something cute I want to remember later on.



While we were still in Houston, Reese got to go to her cousin , Kathryn’s, first birthday party. We were all pretty stoked.



No, we do not beat Reese! She has been sleeping on her hand lately, and then wakes up with a perfect hand print on her face. It makes us want to call out, “Wilson!” (From Castaway)



Reese is really starting to like books now, and doesn’t try to only eat them. Here is a book that my parents had called Jessica that I grew up hearing.


Working more on hand eye coordination.


The nice thing about working remotely, is you can take your work with you. Here is Reese helping me work while staying with my parents.



IMG_4206 (1)

The main reason Reese and I went to Houston a week earlier was to attend my Grandmother’s funeral. It was definitely sad,but It was wonderful celebrating her life and recounting what an amazing woman, wife, Christian, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother (to name a few) she was. It was also nice getting to catch up with some of my family that could make it to the funeral.



Reese being a goofball. We were sooooo happy when Grant joined us in Houston.




Being super well behaved in Church on Grant’s lap.



The weather in Houston was sooo nice, and since Reese still LOVES being outside we had a few play times to keep everything interesting.




Reese also flew on her third airplane on the way home to Huntsville, and again was a trooper.It was wonderful because it was perfect with her nap time, and everyone commented on how well behaved(AKA sleeping) she was and how they didn’t even know there was a baby on the flight. So I was very proud of Reese and relieved that I wasn’t “that parent” with a screaming child. I’m sure that will come later.




Thanksgiving we went to Nashville, so she did great on the drive up. We just found out that leaving during a nap time and/or bed time work really well.


Reese loves puzzles especially this Melissa and Doug puzzle.


Playing Peek-a-Boo has been a favorite past time around these parts.


She has been scooting backward and in circles like a pro this month. She has gotten onto her knees a few times and rocks around,but not forward crawling yet.

Reese Scooting backwards.


We put up some mirrors across from where Reese bounces in her exersaucer, and she loves it!


Reese knows that we see her on the camera, and would look at it like this when she was ready to come out of her crib. We also had to lower her crib this month.



We went on our first camping trip as a family. It was a dud, however, I can’t wait to have a try two. I’ll do another post on that soon.



Reese LOVES food! We made homemade burgers, and here is Grant cutting up the beef, cheese, tomatoes, and pickles for her to have.




Trying out some new toys is always fun.


Reese isn’t clapping on her own yet,but likes giving fives or clapping with one of us.


We all set out our shoes for St. Nikolas Day! (The German version of stockings only you do it on December 6th rather than on Christmas Eve.)



Us showing them to her before breakfast.


We did let her try a small piece of chocolate, and she loved it.




She loves fruit and loves oranges too so this was a hit.



We got some colder weather so we were twins on a grocery store visit.

Reese is getting good at copying things we do.


We went to Sam’s Club, and Grant really wanted to get this teddy bear for Reese.



Reese now raises her eyebrow when smiling sometimes. I love it seeing little glimpses of her personality.

 Also to mention here, Reese is now sleeping in a regular sleep sack. Since six months old she has been swaddled but had both arms out. Now we aren’t swaddling at all, we went slow and steady but so glad that she is such a good sleeper.


We never cosleep,but this was the second nap Reese has EVER taken on our bed and with Grant. This was after company left, so both of them were worn out.



Reese still doesn’t like her car seat especially getting in and out,but when Grant plays Peek-a-Boo, it make it so much cooler.



Anything that isn’t a toy is super cool for Reese; I just love this expression! Gail and I were taking pictures of her, and I’m pretty sure she thought we were crazy!



Reese is a lot more mobile these days, so getting weekly pictures is getting harder and harder. I sometimes have time to get one pictures before she is on her stomach and starting to move away.



Gail came for another visit, and Reese just LOVED the attention. Grant and I also loved having Gail here!



This measuring spoon was one of Reese’s favorite toys for a while. It came with us shopping on a pacifier clip, and a lot of workers got a good laugh out of seeing her with a spoon rather than a pacifier.



A family Selfie because, why not!?



Reese isn’t a fan of being confined in her bumbo, but will tolerate it, if it means she can watch me cook or clean for short periods of time.



Reese and I won the Hancock Fabrics Halloween Costume Contest. The employee mentioned they didn’t have many if any entries, so I decided we would enter. Well, we won even if I’m pretty sure we were the only entrants, but who cares?!



More book reading with Grant.




Scooting herself into a wall or corner was very common. She would see something she wanted and would scoot the away from it, I felt bad for her. We kept making jokes how we needed that beeping noise that school buses do when they back up since that is all she did.

Here is Reese rocking back and forth on her knees, she did this for at least a month getting braver and braver.


My brother and sister in law told us about the contigo sippy cups, and Reese loves it. She refused a bottle, and our pediatrician said the bottles are hard to break kids of, and to just try a sippy cup. So, this was a victory, and she now drinks pumped milk out of this cup !!


Here is the second type of sippy cup that Reese will drink out of. We don’t like it as much as the contigo,but the fact that it is smaller makes it easier for her to hold so we use both equally.



We took Reese out to eat so she could observe people and slowly learn how to behave in public.



If I fitz, I sitz! More fun playing in boxes!


Reese still Godzillas her crib. Here is her sense of pride in ruining her crib after a nap before I could come get her.


Every morning after Reese wakes up and nurses, we have family snuggle time before we all start getting ready for our day. It is one of my favorite times of the day. Here is such a sweet picture of Reese with Grant.

We tried this feeder with certain fruits, and it worked well, however, she got super messy when using it.(Grant will be shuddering watching this video) It was nice occasionally to have her feed herself,but she grew out of this super fast. It was much nicer to clean than any of the mesh ones which is very nice.


Spitting, blowing bubbles, and blowing raspberries were huge this month.










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Raya Crews January 25, 2016 - 2:45 pm

I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed this update on Reese! My favorite was DEFINITELY St. Nikolas day!!!


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