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Reese’s Nine Month Update

by jrwarfield

Reese’s Nine Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Reese turned 9 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point she turns 9 months old. (1/11/16-2/11/16)


week 36

week 37

week 38

week 39

Just a note that Reese has now been outside of the womb for as long as she was in it!

Reese’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  18 lbs (35th percentile)
Height:  28 1/2 in (82nd percentile)
Head:   17 1/2 in (65th percentile)

Alana’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  21 lbs 9 oz (89th percentile)
Height:  28 3/4 in (86th percentile)

Mia’s Nine Month Stats
Weight:  15 lbs 4 oz (5th percentile)
Height:  27 in (10-25th percentile)

Ally’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  16 lbs 6 oz (10th percentile)
Height:  26 1/4 in (10-25th percentile)
Head:   17.4 in (60th percentile)

Emi’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  15 lbs 10 oz (5th percentile)
Height:  26 in (10th percentile)
Head:   16.8 1/4 in (10th percentile)

Jonas’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  21.2 lbs (75th percentile)
Height:  28 in (30-40th percentile)
Head:   18.1 in (60th percentile)

Hannah’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  19.4 lbs  (50th percentile)
Height:  28 3/4in (90th percentile)
Head:   17 1/4 in (60th percentile)

Jensen’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  19.1 lbs (25th percentile)
Height:  28 1/2 in (75th percentile)
Head:   18 1/4 in (70th percentile)

Kathryn’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  19.1 lbs  (50th percentile)
Height:  27 3/4 in (55th percentile)
Head:   17.7 in (75th percentile)

A German game that is played, you are copied the rams and how they hit heads. Sometimes little kids get really excited and slam their head into yours, so, it is nice that Reese is very controlled with this game.

Grant comes up with much cooler games than me.

FullSizeRender (1)

We have had some nicer weather, so we have been taking walks especially on the weekends when Grant is home.


 Reese still loves watching Roomba.



We mainly dress Reese in hand me down clothes, but occasionally I will wait for sales at H&M. I love their clothes because they have a conscious line, they have fun patterns and colors, and the clothes are almost always the correct size for Reese’s age. For instance in the carter brand she wears 12 month clothes,but in H&M she wears 9 month clothes. They had this parka on super clearance,but apparently this items size was a little off. (9-12months) So we had to return it. 🙁

This cracked me up, because Reese was teething she decided she wanted to chew on her paci, well she kept getting it stuck on her thumb. It was so hilarious!



Two of Reese’s favorite things reading books and sitting in her rocking chair. Soon she will be able to get in and out by herself; right now we help her in and out.



Reese still loves being read to, and she reads certain books every night during her bedtime routine.

This is one of her favorite books right now, and she LOVES panda bears so much. She also likes Zebras,but not as much as panda bears.


We are still cloth diapering and love it. We buy all gender neutral diapers so hopefully they will be easier to resell someday, but Grant let me buy this super cute diaper or fluff as the cloth diapering community calls them. 🙂 <3



Reese has gotten a lot more daring since she is very mobile and occasionally gets stuck in some hilarious places.


Reese is very flexible, this looked like baby yoga to me.


Sometimes during the day if I have a lot of work to do, I will put Reese in the Pack n Play so she can work on independent play time while I finish up work. So, I took this video for Grant to show what she normally does in there.


“Helping” me fold clothes is one of her favorite things.


Reese has started to really like playing her xylophone.


We always try and get some book reading in. She is very impatient so you either speed read or read as much as you can until she turns the page on you.

 Reese is wearing 12 month clothes and her 12 month sleepers are almost too short. She has slowed down a bit on her height so it is nice that she is staying in clothes a little bit longer.


She is still enthralled with looking at herself in the mirror,but I guess even adults still are.


We have to make sure that these life long skills are learned.


We try to have Reese be a very clean eater,but after a yogurt during lunch it looked so much like a gotee I had to get a picture.

Reese still loves all food, and we haven’t found anything she dislikes. She loves watching me make dinner everynight because she gets to sample a little bit of everything I use. She LOVES bell peppers right now and get very upset if she doesn’t get to eat as many as she wants. She also loves fruit and other veggies as well.

Trying a Lime.

Reese is still nursing really well. I finally switched her to 4 feeds a day so that she isn’t as distracted and nurses better and not snacking. So she nurses at 6:30am when she gets out of bed, at 11am, at 2pm, and at 6pm right before bed. She also gets a sippy cup with pumped milk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During her sickness and teething she didn’t nurse as much and wasn’t on the schedule above more on demand feeding,but glad she is back to her old self. Soon, I will need to read up on how and when to start weaning since I don’t plan to nurse her much longer than 12 months old. I have a freezer full of milk that we will give her until we run out after she is weaned.


More walks!

Reese can now wave bye bye which is very cute. We have been working on clapping,but it hasn’t happened yet.


We are a one car family as of this month until we buy another car. It isn’t horrible,but isn’t super fun either. Reese and I have been walking everywhere, but this time the stroller, snap and go, and ergo were all in the car so we were pretty stranded. I tried the kTan wrap, and she wasn’t too thrilled.

 Reese can now say Mama, but I still don’t know if she means it as calling me. She will look at me if we ask “where is mama?” or at Grant when we ask “where is Papa?”


Boxes are still super cool.



Since we are carless during the day, we don’t let the bad weather get us down. It was library story time day, so even though it was pouring and cold, we bundled up, used my rain coat over her blanket so she wouldn’t get wet.



This is what she looked like, and I wore another rain coat and used that huge blue and white umbrella. To say we stood out on the walk was an understatement.


Crawling at the library, Reese loves going, and all of the librarians know her name and greet her every time we come.

Story time with some of the older kids,but Reese loves coming and observing.


This month was my 28th birthday, and one of Grant’s coworkers loves kids and he and his wife offered to babysit Reese so we could go on a date. We went to bonefish grill which was soo yummy. This was the picture that they sent us of Reese playing while we were gone. She was very upset when we were leaving,but calmed down very fast after we left. They also had two dogs so that helped keep her distracted and happy.



Reese has been able to sit up for months,but just started doing it in her crib at nights and during naps sometimes.

 Other than during her sickness and teething, Reese has still been sleeping like a champ. She is awake 3 hours now between naps and only takes two naps a day.


We had our first book casualty! I think Reese was a little excited about cookie monster’s cookie. Nothing a little tape can’t fix. 🙂



She has started pulling up on things too.

 Reese is crawling soo fast these days it is insane. It is fun that she can follow me around the house when I  have to get stuff done.


Aldi had a sale on these foam letters, and Reese gets a kick out of destroying the “rug.”



Opening drawers in our guest bathroom is the norm since they are the easiest to open. We had to move a few things from the drawer,but we let her play in that one now.



Reese had her first real virus and an ear infection. We had a few sleepless nights, and finally took her in. Two days after her sicknesses were getting better, she got her first tooth. Poor thing napped on me off and on all day. I do have to say the cuddles were amazing since she never cuddles.


So on 2/5/16 Reese got her first tooth on the bottom left, and the second bottom one could poke through any day.


Our church had their baby dedication for Reese and the 17 other babies that were born in 2015. Here is one of the pictures of the portion we were on stage. Reese was a champ the whole time it was great. Gail came to watch the dedication and so was in town for another visit.

The dedication was wonderful even if we were all a little nervous about having 18 babies behave for most of church service until they called us up. We were all trying not to laugh at this point because during a super long prayer over half of the babies started freaking out. Reese stayed quiet,but was just watching the chaos around her.  Reese was presented a beautiful baby Bible with her name inscribed on it as well as a book for us parents that I can’t wait to read. After the service, they hosted a lunch for all of the babies,their families, and loved ones who had come to the dedication. I know we feel so blessed that we attend a church who puts so much love and effort into our children.



Reese loved her time with Gail and got her fair share of spoiling too. Here Gail is reading a book with Reese.


Playing games with Gail.


playing Peek-a-Boo!


Reese kept sticking out her tongue all funny and looked like a lizard. We think she was feeling her tooth with her tongue since it was just starting to get higher in her mouth.


Gail took us grocery shopping so we could get some bigger things like paper towels since they won’t fit in the stroller when we walk. Gail pushed the cart from behind so Reese was in front and could see where we were going and got the biggest kick out of it.



Unfortunately, we had our second snow fall while Gail was about to leave, so I think she had some stress and trouble trying to make it through Nashville before heading home. Huntsville and Nashville don’t have equipment to deal with snow, so everything just shuts down. Luckily she made it home safely even though we do miss her.

Right after Gail left, Reese started doing a better job of crawling onto things like this mattress.


Right after Gail left, I got the virus that Reese had. Lets say it was TERRIBLE!!! I lost 4 pounds because I just couldn’t keep anything down, and Grant even had to stay home one of the days because it was so bad. Here is a happy picture, because believe me… you didn’t want to see me that sick.


One of the days I was sick when Grant wasn’t home, I tried to get Reese to watch TV and stop trying to kill herself so that I could get a little bit of a break. This was her first time watching TV so she ignored it most of the time,but then Pandas came on planet earth! As I said above, she loves pandas.


Grant was super Papa and took Reese to her 9 month check up because I was too sick at home to come. She didn’t have any shots,but did have to get a toe prick, and Grant said it was pretty pitiful. But she is a trooper and survived.


Reese gets super excited about walking that once she realizes she is doing something we are excited she stops actually trying to walk.

Thanks for reading our latest update on Reese! I’m finally caught up until the middle of next month!

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