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Reese’s Eleven Month Update

by jrwarfield

Reese’s Eleven Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Reese turned 11 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point she turns 11 months old. (3/11/16-4/11/16)

week 44

week 45


week 46

week 47

Having Reese lay down for the pictures and not crawl away is getting harder and harder these days.




We were slackers on stats this month and didn’t take measurements until she was about to turn 12 months old so we figure better leave them out.


Reese is still taking 2 naps a day,but most days the morning one is shorter than the afternoon nap. She is going to bed closer to 7pm these days, but still waking up around 5:40am. Reese is still nursing,but we are just now down to morning and evening feeding. Soon I’m hoping to have completely weaned her. We still cloth diaper and are loving it. Reese is a GREAT eater. We finally found something she isn’t a fan of. Grapefruit which is super sad because it is my favorite. She still kept trying it,but just preferred oranges over it. But we will try again in the future. Right now her favorites are cherry tomatoes, avocados, and blueberries.


Reese still likes the roomba, but is more hesitant about going after it herself.



Our sunroom, which we use as Reese’s play area at the moment has its own heater and a/c unit in it. The first time we used it, she got a kick out of the air coming from it.


Reese was always dropping things behind her or acting like she was trying to throw forward, it was pretty funny to watch.


Reese’s hair after a bath can be kinda wild.

 We still take a lot of walks,but riding on Grant’s shoulders is so much better than riding in a stroller in her opinion. I think it is cause she can see so much more from there.

My brother and his family came into town and brought some gifts from other family members. Here is the cow that my parents got for Reese, and you can see she enjoyed playing with it.


Reese loved playing with her cousins!


My parents got Reese a stuffed cow, and Jensen also has one that looks very similar. There was some confusion this whole trip between the two.



Everyone checking out Reese’s Play room.



Unfortunately it rained almost their whole visit, so after a while we all were feeling a little stir crazy.



Group picture of some of the gang.



Reese and her cousin Kathryn are about 6 months apart in age; both are tall for their age,but it was cool to see how similar they still are.




We keep bigger boxes in the playroom. So far Reese isn’t super into playing with them yet,but once Uncle Daniel connected them into a mini fort they became much cooler.



We took a stop at David’s Bridal while they were visiting, and this was Reese and I waiting while Hannah and Sarina tried on dresses.




Hannah was really sweet with Reese during their visit.

 Reese still likes turning off and on our bedroom light with the remote control. We have been slowly showing her how the light switches work and how our lever door handles work, but it will take time for her to get a hang of those.

FullSizeRender (1)

A few days after their visit, it was time to head to Nashville. Cow has a place in her crib like Frank the panda. I think Frank still trumps cow,but it is a close call.


FullSizeRender (4)

Alana thought it was fun to crawl like Reese during our visit. Reese adores Alana so she thought this was awesome.



FullSizeRender (2)

Reading books with Papa while Mama showered.

 Reese seems to prefer her German books more these days. I think it is because the illustrations tend to be more realistic than most of the American children’s books we have.


Alana showing off her Frozen hat to us.



Reese got to see Jackson again, and was more curious if a bit jealous here and there.



Alana being sweet with Reese.



The weather was getting nicer and nicer so we spent more and more time outside. Here Grant was cleaning out the garage so we came outside to watch.


 Reese still loves going to Story time at the library. They have puzzles, toys, stuffed animals, and puppets that the kids can play with. They also have computers for the younger kids,but she hasn’t discovered these yet. 🙂 She also loves their bigger stairs/bleacher seats. She loves to climb up and down them. Reese is getting really good at climbing off of things backwards like our bed, our couch, these stairs. I have to verbally remind her sometimes, but she is really starting to get it.

Reese is getting better at things like taking apart mega blocks and other toys. This month she did have a few more fussy times of getting frustrated when things didn’t go exactly like she wanted them to. I think this is just a phase though.


Gail sent some beautiful gifts for Reese for Easter. So I put them in a basket and added some easter eggs.



Since Reese is too young to do an egg hunt, she got her basket before Church. (Our church did have a hunt for kids her age,but we decided we will wait till she is a little bit older.) She wasn’t sure about the ears.



She still loves playing with this panda bear toy Gail found.



Reese loved opening the easter eggs with her mouth. So we would close them, and she would open them. Rinse and Repeat. We didn’t put anything in them because she was happy as a clam with just the eggs.


Gail got her some books which is wonderful because Reese loves reading books.



We took a family picture!


 Reese can wave bye bye when she wants,but is very particular about to whom and when she does it. She also say all done in baby sign language,but this month she started using all done to mean I want to drink something. So we have been breaking her of that. She now says more (Mehr) in baby sign language as well as please (Bitte.) She also acts shy with new people.

This is when Reese first started saying, “Uh Oh.” But it used to be Uh Uh Oh, now it is clearly Uh Oh. She uses it either if something was dropped or right before she drops something on purpose.

FullSizeRender (3)

When Reese was younger, we borrowed an exersaucer from Kira and Andrew. It really helped Reese start standing on her own and being interested in it. This toy took her a while to warm up to, but man she started cruising everywhere.

Here is the first time Reese started walking with this push toy without banging her face on the handle bars or falling down.


She got the hang of walking like this super fast.


When Reese is being silly, she will scrunch her nose like this picture and almost do a heavier breathing grunting noise.



The toy has a button that plays music when you hit it, a lot of times she would stop to hit the button just to have music while moving.



Our faces say it all here.




Reese got her 3rd tooth 3/19/16, 4th tooth 4/3/16, and her 5th tooth 4/4/16.




Took one step on 4/1/16,but didn’t show much interest in walking after that.



Waiting on breakfast on a Saturday – Pancakes! We make them every Saturday and Sunday morning, and we all love them.



We got Reese a Shutterfly book of herself from ultrasound pictures through 9 months old. She loves it, and we “read” it nightly at bed time.


Our beautiful Reese is growing up.


We eat dirt and grass because we can. 🙂



We occasionally hit Mama in the face,but we all make through the days generally unharmed.




Reese loves showing off her standing skills.





Here are Reese and Grant playing. She is really starting to show of her standing skills.

Reese is starting to push random household objects to see which ones she can push around.


We announced that Reese is going to be a big sister this month!



No, we didn’t plan to match outfits, but here we are at the indoor play area for younger kids at a local mall that is free.



Reese is finally getting old enough to be able to play at some of the local parks with some assistance.



Playing in the tunnel with papa was a highlight at this park.


Crawling through the tunnels was one of her favorite things at this particular park.

More Tunnels.


We don’t have stairs inside our house, so at the park and at Kira and Andrew’s house they are all the rage.


At a different park, Reese decided crawling under benches was more fun than regular toys and activities.



Here is Reese at a new playground we tried out. Most of the things were a little advanced for her age,but she loved the swings.

Playing with and reading books are a common occurrence at our house. We finally moved most of her books to the bottom two shelves of our bookcase in the living room.


No we didn’t get a cat! A neighborhood cat was interested in our house for a day or two before moving on, and Reese was THRILLED.


She was very sad when Jeremy the cat (according to his tag) left. No, we didn’t feed it. It lived one street over,but was just being more adventurous on exploring.



 This month animal sounds were a huge break through that we weren’t expecting. She likes doing the dog, cat, and cow sounds consistently; occasionally she will do the sheep, but all the others are hit or miss.

Just saving it for later!


I got these cute high tops at H&M on super clearance, and I couldn’t help put them on her.




Reese prefers the walker toy to the music table that we borrowed from Kira and Andrew, but sometimes the music table is played with.




Dumping things out of containers and bags is sooo much fun these days.



Reese’s first pony tail, her mullet is getting legit these days.



I had an emergency conference call for work, so Reese has lunch in our office. I normally only work during her naps.

Reese likes Nutella, but let’s face it… who doesn’t?!

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