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Reese’s Ten Month Update

by jrwarfield

Reese’s Ten Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Reese turned 10 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point she turns 10 months old. (2/11/16-3/11/16)


week 40

41 weeks


week 42

week 43


Reese’s Nine Month Stats (We took these measurements and tried to be as accurate as possible.)
Weight:  18 lbs  4oz (22nd percentile)
Height:  29 in (75th percentile)
Head:   17 1/2 in (48th percentile)


There is a gymnastics gym that does an hour free play where the kids can going on their balance beams, trampolines, and foam pits for $5. A few of the dads that Grant knows take their kids every Saturday, and one time we took her. At the time it was right in the middle of her normal nap time,but she loved it. She was super worn out too from it which was nice as well.

Reese is still taking 2 naps a day, but we did have a bout of her waking up once or twice a night while she was teething and hitting a growth spurt. Which wasn’t that bad, but we just felt bad for her. She still sucks her thumb at night and if she is unsure of something when we are out and about.

Reese is still putting everything in her mouth. She tries to eat dirt from my plants. Reese got her second tooth this month on 2/14/16. She loves food, and we still haven’t found anything she really doesn’t eat or like. She prefers things like avocado and blueberries,but will pretty much eat a little of everything we give her. She likes sitting in her chair while I prep dinner because she knows she gets to try a little bit of everything that I’m cutting up.  Bell Pepper is her favorite.

Reese LOVES going to Story time at our local library. They offer them 3 times a week, and we never miss unless she or I are sick which isn’t often. All of the librarians know her name and greet her every time. In public, Reese tends to be shy and hesitant with smiling at people,but at the library she has no such qualms. Since we go often she is very comfortable there.

Reese can wave bye bye when she wants to, but she is very picky on when she does it. Also her wave is the same motion as all done in sign language which can get kind of confusing at times. We are starting baby sign language, and this month I could really tell her starting to grasp the concepts. All done and More are the ones she does consistently, so we are trying to slowly introduce more of them since it is so nice that she can communicate with us. Sometimes she will say all done before being done so we are trying to be consistent.

It is so much fun seeing how much Reese comprehends these days, she knows that no means no even if she chooses to test us on it. We had her trained to stay out of our foyer and living room without a baby gate while there was construction in there. It took a while and tons of enforcement and consistency,but she understood what we expected of her. She can say Mama more often and still only whispers Papa. She does say da at anything that she likes and wants. She play with the pantry and washing machine as much as we let her. She can swing a door open and closed. Once the door is closed she doesn’t know how to open it again yet,but I’m sure we will get to that sooner than we would like. She also loves anything in my makeup bag especially chapstick. If I’m putting some on she opens her mouth in a very specific way so that I put a little bit on her as well.

We are still nursing 4 times a day, but soon I will cut out one of the middle of the day feeding since I want her weaned closer to the 12 month mark.


Reese is obsessed with Panda Bears so we got her one as a gift. This was her reaction to it.

Here is the video of right when we gave Reese Frank.


His name is Frank (Inside Joke), and she LOVES Frank.


I was super sick with a virus that Reese had, and I was pregnant and nauseous which isn’t a fun combo. I tried to get Reese to watch a tv show while I felt like death. It didn’t really work as she isn’t used to TV,but she did pay attention when a Panda Bear came on. She now goes almost hysterical with laughing and pointing when she sees a panda bear anywhere.


Reese is starting to crawl on top of things like mattresses and is exploring more and more; this is our guest room what she is loves crawling into.



We went on a trip to Nashville, and here are Reese and Frank ready for the drive.


FullSizeRender (1)

We started leaving at her bed time which is perfect! Here she is after we arrived around 8pm.


Reese loves her cousin Alana. I’m pretty sure she is the cool older cousin that will eventually not be thrilled with Reese following her around. Right now Reese laughs and loves everything Alana does as you can see in this video. I think Alana didn’t mind the attention either. 🙂


Reese got to meet her cousin Jackson. She wasn’t too sure about him since I wouldn’t let her pat his face or poke him in the eyes. 🙂



Reese loves her uncle Andrew!



We also exchanged the exersaucer we were borrowing for a music table and a walker toy(pink toy bottom of the picture.) Reese loves playing with both of them.



Trips to Target are super fun.


Reese LOVES being on Grant’s shoulders. For some reason, she doesn’t really hold on and has crazy core strength.


Pulling things out of drawers or baskets are all the rage these days.



She still likes to play…ahem eat… her puzzles.



She now sleeps with Frank in her crib…here you can see she is laying on top of him. When she likes a stuffed animal or thing she tries to lay on it or roll over it.



She is pulling up and walking along things like a champ these days. She looks so old here.


Reese has been pulling up and walking along things all the time. Just practicing over and over.

Here she is when she first learned to walk along things, now she is a pro and pretty fast.


We got cheerios for me because of morning sickness, and Reese LOVES honey nut cheerios we discovered. Here she found the box in the pantry and was helping herself.



While Raya and Jonathan were overseas, we would try and facetime with Tante Raya at least once or twice a week.


Reese is starting to initiate playing games like peek a bo here, and I can tell when she wants me to read her books now. It is so nice to get a glimpse of what she likes and doesn’t like.


We are still going on walks,but she does get more bored of just sitting in the stroller and tries to whine hoping Grant or I will carry her.


Reese has books that are favorite, and they switch on a weekly basis. This month she loved the very hungry caterpillar. Normally she turns the pages so fast that we have to paraphrase since we don’t have time to read all of the words on the pages. Her favorite part was when the caterpillar got fat and normally laughed out loud during that portion. She went through phases of only liking flip books, and then only animal books. She has a great memory too. She will make a sounds for some of the animals of the upcoming pages that we haven’t even seen yet.


When we get bored of playing in certain areas we mix it up and move to other parts of the house.


Reese is getting pretty good with concepts like buttons and switches. She knows that this remote turns on the light and fan in our bedroom. It is one of her favorite things to play with these days.


Helping papa stuff cloth diapers on a Saturday morning.


Reese still loves the roomba when he vacuums, and she can crawl pretty fast these days when she really wants to get somewhere.


I helped host a baby shower at our church, and so Grant watched Reese for about a total of 4 hours.



He sent me these pictures after she woke up from her nap of their activities. 🙂



Playing with our friend Grace is so much fun. When we have play dates, I have a hard time not saying Grease (Grace+Reese) by accident.



One of the malls in the area has a free play area with soft shapes seen here where we go occasionally.



It is space themed since Huntsville is the Rocket City.



Gail had a birthday so we took a cute picture to make sure she knew how much we love her.



Reese loves taking baths and now can play in the bathtub all by herself.



When the weather is nice we play outside.



We made a cake together, and Reese got to lick the beater. (it is egg free batter.)



Then she got to try the final product after her nap… don’t let her expression fool you she loved it!



It is crazy what a difference 10 months makes!

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