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Brentwood Visit and Moving

by jrwarfield

The Fleshmans were able to sell their house and buy a new one last year. Kira and Andrew had movers that moved their things into their new house,but we came the weekend they moved in to help them unpack as well as see their new place. We (as in Grant) helped Andrew move a few of the bigger items around the house and pick up a few things that were accidentally left at the house.


On the Ride.





We got to their house “late” for Reese’s bed time, and so she was hysterically laughing at Alana.

Alana was being so sweet and making Reese laugh.



We woke up earlier than everyone else and hung out before the others woke up.

Alana making Reese laugh after breakfast.


Alana kept checking up on what Reese was doing throughout the time we were there. It was very cute to see her always checking up on her.


Family Photo on their first weekend in their house.


Andrew taking Alana around the front lawn on the four wheeler.


Right before we left, Reese was loving all of the attention.

Reese is 5 months old here, and this was Andrew’s first time holding Reese. 🙂

We had such a fun time getting to see their new house, and of course getting Alana and Reese together.

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