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Sebastian’s Three Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Three Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 3 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 3 months old. (12/01/16-1/01/17)





week 13

Sebastian’s Three Month Stats 
Weight:  14 lbs (43rd percentile)
Height:  25 in (79th percentile)
Head:   16 in (48th percentile)

Reese’s Three Month Stats 
Weight:  12 lbs (44th percentile)
Height:  25 in (96th percentile)
Head:   15.75 in (53rd percentile)

(We took these measurements since we don’t see our pediatrician until next month, so most of her cousins don’t have stats listed either.)


FullSizeRender (1)

Sebastian is such a happy kid.

 Sebastian likes seeing himself in the mirror like a lot of babies.

FullSizeRender (2)

We have taken a few walks in the Thule, and so far Sebastian likes the infant sling as you can tell.

 Ceiling fans are all the rage just like they were with Reese.

FullSizeRender (3)

Sebastian is great at sleeping while we are doing things, a true second child. His bed time was a little bit before Reese so he was down before she was.

 Sebastian had very strong neck and back muscles when he was born, so every doctor, nurse, and chiropractor would comment on it. So without meaning to we slacked on tummy time,but once we realized it have been catching up as much as possible. Life is busy with two kids under two. 🙂

FullSizeRender (4)

At Christmas time with Mama, Sebastian is getting a lot more interactive, smiling, cooing, and shrieking to his hearts content. If he gets fussy, it is normally a wet diaper or ready for nap or bed.


FullSizeRender copy

Whenever he is playing with stuff, Reese comes over to say, “Cheese” and get a picture with Sebastian.



This frog from Bryan and Amanda is really coming in handy now that he wants to sit up and see more.



Sebastian still loves to be swaddled, here he is in the woombie before we put him to bed.

 We are hoping to have him sleeping with both arms out by 4 months old since that is when Reese was sleeping without. With Sebastian, we plan to try the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit.


He loves to see what is going on.

 I am still eating dairy free, and bean free. Sebastian is really affected by beans, so I need to be careful. He spits up a lot more than Reese did which really isn’t much,but if I eat dairy then he really spits up more. So I try my best to avoid it. There is dairy in SO many foods, things you would never think like Chick Fil A chicken nuggets.


He got to put his shoes out for St. Nikolaus this year.



Sebastian is tall! This is him next to one of the twins we know who is 5 months old here.



Reese and Sebastian are now sharing a room, some days it isn’t as easy as this since naps are harder,but at least nights are easier.



Nap time.



Sebastian loves Reese best of all. Here he is smiling up a storm because Reese was jabbering to him one morning.



I finally made him his stocking, see tutorial here.



He doesn’t sleep on me often,but the few times he does, I try to enjoy and cherish my baby cuddles.



On our first Sunday back at Church, getting prayed over and introducing Sebastian to our Church.




Sebastian gets LOTS of love from Reese, whether he wants it or not.



Looking happy in a hat from Oma since it was cold outside.

Sebastian doesn’t love his car seat like a lot of babies we hear about,but he doesn’t mind it either. He gets annoyed with being in it too long,but that is understandable. Reese HATED the car seat and would scream the whole time in it. So this is much nicer.


Outside with Papa after he was home from work.



Tummy time is fun for everyone these days.



Everything Reese does is interesting like her taking off her socks, and taking off and on her shoes.



Sebastian looking all handsome and grown up in this cute onesie Bryan and Amanda gave him.



Getting alone time with Grant is sometimes a challenge since Reese wants to be a part of it too.



I keep humming, the eye of the tiger when I see him in this shirt.



This picture made us wonder why he had a head tilt.

 Reese always slept with her head to one side or the other, and we were very good about switching her from side to side. Sebastian was sick his first 2-3 months of his life, and we were as well. So, we weren’t as diligent about switching him side to side. So we noticed a flat spot on his head, and we also noticed a slight head tilt as you can see in the picture above. So we asked a friend who is a physical therapist to see if she might think he has torticollis. Sebastian had the cord wrapped around his neck during birth which can also have caused it. I took him to get adjusted at a chiropractor since early on, so he never had major issues. Torticollis is when one of the neck muscles is tighter or shorter and weaker, and the other side is longer and stronger.  A lot of babies refuse to turn to the one side since they don’t have the flexibility or strength to, and then can have lots of issues. We caught Sebastian’s very early and were given the information for a pediatric physical therapist. She evaluated him, and gave us a few things to work with him on. She said his was a super mild case, and that he had great flexibility, just not enough strength which is what caused the head tilt. So we do lots more tummy time, baby sit ups, side lying strength exercises, and a few others. Each visit his progress is reevaluated, and then new things to work on are given. She said with mild cases like his, he won’t need to wear a helmet, and we should only be seeing her for about 6-12 weeks. We also wanted to get rid of his flat spot since it isn’t the prettiest thing. So we tried this hat,but found a rolled up receiving blanket worked best to keep him from sleeping on the incorrect side of his head.


Reading books with Grant. When we can get him to pay attention to them, he seems to really enjoy them.

 Sebastian still like his swing, but doesn’t nap at all in it anymore.


Sebastian doesn’t move very much in his sleep, Reese was all over the place at this age. It is so fun to see the differences in our two kids even now.



Sebastian is super smiley when someone talks to him and makes eye contact.

 Both kids are in cloth diapers now, and we are still loving them. We are having to wash a load every night,but I see this not staying like this forever. Soon Sebastian won’t need as many diapers, and in a year Reese will be potty trained as well. He hates a wet diaper, and sometimes it will wake him up at night before I go to bed. I don’t blame him for it, and I don’t mind changing him around 9pm so he is more comfortable.


More Reese hugs.



Getting to see Opa on their latest visit.



Sucking on his hands and fingers is a favorite past time around these parts.



A family selfie on a lazy Saturday morning.




Bed time picture.

 Sebastian is a great sleeper! He goes down between 6:30/7:30pm and normally sleeps until 5:30/6:30am. Occasionally he will wake up at 3:30 or 4:30,but then is back down until 6:00 or 7 then. His naps are easy,but they tend to not be long. During the week he normally sleeps 40 minutes for his first two naps of the day, and then either 2-3 shorter naps back to back with nursing in between or one 40 minute nap in the afternoon before bed. It does make it harder to get things done during the day since Reese gave me much longer stretches. Sometimes he gives me a two hour stretch,but I’m not complaining since Reese was much harder to get to go to sleep than he is.



Sebastian definitely favors my side of the family for his looks like his chin,but we will see if that stays that way or changes as he grows up.



When Sebastian wakes up from a nap, Reese greets him like this.



She will sit there and talk to him which he loves. Reese hasn’t tried to climb out of her crib yet,but we expect to find her in his before out of the cribs completely.



Sebastian’s First Christmas.



Sebastian loves attention from Reese more than the rest of us.



Oma holding Sebastian, and putting him to sleep. We are so blessed that they have been able to visit us as much as they have thus far.



Bright eyed and bushy tailed as Grammie would say.

 Sebastian is great at tracking people and objects with his eyes and head. He also makes eye contact well, when he isn’t distracted by other things.


Just hanging out. He has started batting at toys.

He is also chewing and gnawing on his hands as well as drooling more.


We still take walks,but not as many during the day since Reese is in school. When Reese is home we tend to do more playgrounds since that is more fun for Reese these days.



We took Reese to the playground when it was super cold outside, and he slept through the whole outing in his car seat.



Sebastian is very alert and likes seeing what is going on just like Reese did at this age.

He isn’t happy to be laying down when a lot is going on around him. So just like Reese, we try to make it possible for him to see more.

Thanks for reading our little update on Sebastian. He is such a fun baby, and we can’t believe how lucky we are to have him complete our family like this.

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