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Day in the Life Post 5

by jrwarfield

Life with two kids is a lot more busy and stressful than just with one. For us it was easier adding a second,but still lots of work. Here is a fun recap of one day to give you a glimpse of what we do.

6:00 am – Reese is awake get her out of bed. I put her next to Grant in our bed while I get contacts in and throw on some clothes.
6:15 am – Sebastian is awake so I go and get him and nurse him in their room while Grant changes Reese’s diaper and maybe clothes depending on if she leaked at night through her diaper or not.
6:20 am –  Grant gets in the shower while Reese roams the house asking for food.
6:25 am – I change Sebastian’s diaper and maybe clothes depending on if his outfit is dirty or not.
6:30 am – I head to the kitchen with both kids and cook breakfast and pack/assemble Grant’s lunch for work while he gets ready for work.
7:00 am  – I sit Reese down to eat while we say bye to Grant as he leaves for work.
7:05 am – I change Sebastian’s diaper, nurse, swaddle him, and put then put him down for his nap while Reese eats breakfast.
7:25 am – Sebastian is in bed and asleep. I come back to the dining room and sit down to eat breakfast with Reese.
7:40 am -Breakfast is done so I get a bath ready for Reese so she is clean for school, and sometimes I hop in too to get a shower.
8:00 am – I’m done showering and Reese is still playing. I get dressed and lay out her stuff for school to get her ready. Sebastian is still sleeping.
8:05 am – Reese gets out of tub.
8:15 am – Reese is dry and dressed. I get ready and do her hair for School.
8:20 am – Sebastian wakes up so I nurse him and change his diaper and change clothes.
8:30 am – I start loading the car with our things and both kids.
8:38 am – We leave for Reese’s school.
8:48 am – We arrive Reese’s school and wait in drop off line.
8:58 am – Sebastian and I leave school and head to Walmart to grocery shop.
9:15 am – We make it home and start a load of laundry of dirty diapers. I play with Sebastian including his physical therapy stuff.
9:30 am – Time to nurse Sebastian, change diaper, and swaddle him for his second nap since he is acting fussy and ready.
9:47 am – I make a cup of coffee and clean the dining table off and around it from breakfast.
9:55 am – I empty the dishwasher, refill it, and start the second cycle for washing diapers.
10:20 am – I sit down with coffee to start folding clothes while listening to an audio book.
10:40 am – Sebastian wakes up to nurse and then falls asleep on me. Since this doesn’t happen often, I enjoy the cuddles and read a book on my phone.
12:00 pm – Sebastian woke up, so I nurse him and change his diaper. We do more tummy time, play, physical therapy, and pack the car to pick up Reese.
12:20 pm – We leave to pick up Reese from school.
12:45 pm – We make it home put Reese down for a nap after checking her diaper.
1:00 pm –  Reese is asleep, so Sebastian does more tummy time and plays a little bit.
1:15 pm – I change his diaper, swaddle him, and nurse him.
1:30 pm – I lay him down for his nap.
1:40 pm – Sebastian is asleep, and I hang the clean diapers to dry.
1:45 pm – I sit down with a snack and water while doing paperwork that I have been meaning to get done for weeks now.
2:20 pm – Sebastian wakes up nurse; I change his diaper, we do tummy time, and play time.
3:00 pm – I change Reese’s diaper since she woke up from nap, fix her hair, and put socks back on since she always takes them off before falling asleep.
3:14 pm – I play with Reese and Sebastian in the sun room.
3:40 pm – I change Sebastian’s diaper, feed him,  swaddle him, and get him ready for his next nap.
3:50 pm – I start working on dinner prep while Reese plays in the kitchen, dining room, and sun room occasionally stopping me to read her a book.
4:00 pm – Sebastian is fussing, so I pull him out of bed nurse more, and I lay him back down for nap and finish food preparations.
4:20 pm –  Sebastian falls asleep, and I make dinner and keep Reese from killing herself.
4:45 pm – Grant makes it home early, and greets Reese while I set the table.
5:00 pm – We sit down to eat and Sebastian wakes up. So I change his diaper and feed him.
5:20 pm – We take turns eating and holding Sebastian since he isn’t content to not be held today.
5:40 pm – We are all done eating, and we start playing before bed as well as tummy time and physical therapy for Sebastian.
6:00 pm – Both kids get their diapers changed, and into their pajamas. Sebastian’s gets a little cuddle time, and then we read books to both kids until Sebastian is bored and tired. Then I swaddle him, nurse him, and lay him down.
6:40 pm – Both kids are in bed, and we start cleaning up the table, doing dishes, packing Reese’s lunch for school tomorrow, packing her backpack,and laying out her clothes for tomorrow
7:00 pm – I clean up my desk, and then start folding clothes while finishing my listening to my audiobook.
7:30 pm – Both kids had dirty diapers, so we changed those and reswaddled Sebastian. I nursed him again to be sure he is full, and then got Reese settled down. Then continue folding clothes.
7:45 pm  – Sebastian is asleep for the night.
7:56 pm – Reese is asleep,but both kids are a little under the weather which is why they are falling asleep so late. I start to stuff diapers that I washed and air dried the night before, and then I continue to fold clothes while listening to my audiobook.
9:00 pm – Grant heads to bed to watch a tv show on his phone. I pump while doing research for dinner ideas for next day.
9:30 pm – I head back to our room where I get ready for bed and take care of stack of dirty diapers diapers that we didn’t have a chance to deal with right after changing our kids during the day. This way I can wash them first thing tomorrow morning.
9:40 pm – I sit in bed and read or talk to Grant.
10:12 pm – Lights out for me.


I know this isn’t the most exciting blog post,but I hope to be able to look back on these later in life to see how crazy busy it was then… I guess I’m hoping sometime soon it will slow down a little bit. 🙂

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Nicole January 30, 2017 - 12:25 am

Yes!! I love it. The “swaddle, nurse and lay him down” sounds about exact for our household. Especially about 40 times a day! My favorite line is “And keep Reese from killing herself.” I laughed out loud! Sounds awesome!

Isanna February 11, 2017 - 2:16 pm

Whew, these time thieves, man. I just was about to write my friend with a newborn, they will continuously steal your time, but you get used to it! It’s end of nap time for me, so I better do some paperwork myself!


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