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Sebastian’s Seven Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Seven Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 7 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 7 months old. (4/01/17-5/01/17)

week 27

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week 30

Sebastian’s Seven Month Stats  (We took these ourselves so we tried to be as accurate as possible.)
Weight:  18 lbs 8 oz (50th percentile)
Height:  27 3/4 in (66th percentile)
Head:   17 in (22nd percentile)

Reese’s Seven Month Stats
Weight:  16 lbs 13 oz (44th percentile)
Height:  27 1/2 in (84th percentile)
Head:   16 3/4 in (33rd percentile)

We think Sebastian is a cuddle bug. It is hard to tell,but he always wants to be close to people. He cries if we leave him alone in a room,but that could be just the separation anxiety phase. He also always tries to get into people’s laps or on you so you can hold him.

If you throw him backwards as a game, he will continue to try and fall backwards so you continue the game. it is hilarious.


Sebastian still doesn’t have any teeth,but he is constantly putting things in his mouth and drooling.


I  got a baby box for Sebastian similar to what they have in Finland. The state of Alabama and a few others like Ohio and New Jersey are offering to new parents or soon to be parents. Sebastian is super tall and is too big for it.

FullSizeRender (1)

Sebastian started playing with the cardboard box tunnels that Grant made in the sunroom.

FullSizeRender (2)

I think he has gotten Reese to start playing in them since she never had much interest herself.


He is very laid back,but prefers to be able to see in the stroller over the ergo carrier when we go shopping.


We practiced playing in a small tent in our sunroom in preparation for our camping trip.


He was a good sport when we put an old beanie on him which made him look like a hipster.

He loves throwing/dropping his food. This was when he was first learning to feed himself so one out of 8 made it in his mouth.

This bouncy ball is one of his favorite toys, he will leave almost anything else to get to it and throw it.


Also, wearing Reese’s hat.


In general, he is a super happy and smiley kid.


We started to take a 9 mile round trip bike ride to a park on Saturday mornings.


We play and have a picnic, and then head back for naps.


So far both kiddos seam to enjoy it.

IMG_2095He likes swinging,but sometimes he gets a little scared that he is falling. He has such pale skin and fair hair, we always keep a hat on him so he doesn’t burn.

IMG_7957He gets pretty worn out about by these trips,but I think he likes them.


Both kiddos love the carts like this at Publix or Home Depot where they can  “drive.”


Before Reese’s Easter Egg Hunt at School.


Hanging out in the car, he loves playing with the steering wheel here too.


We watched their Easter program at her School, and then helped with an Easter egg hunt. Reese stayed for the rest of her day after that.


Sebastian was worn out poor guy. He is down to taking two naps a day. Most of the time one is at 9 am, and the second around 1pm depending on how long he slept during his first nap. His bed time is around 6pm or he starts getting all manic. He normally wakes up around 5:30-6:00am for the day. I love that both of his naps are normally longer ones which makes it easier for me to get things done.


We do story time as well, but he has a harder time sitting still during the story time portion unlike Reese. But he loves the play time where Reese had a harder time with that part. She would wait until half the kids were gone before feeling comfortable enough to go play.

He is very particular about certain things, and he loves setting these off to fall. Reese did this,but not anywhere close to how much he does.


Sebastian is army crawling all over the place.

More scooting forward when he first learned the forward army crawl.

Sebastian noodles a lot. When he is bored, doesn’t like a position, or wants to move he will do everything in his power to get out of your hands. He will try to squirm, noodle, throw himself,etc. just to get down or away from whatever he isn’t a fan of. We have to warn people who hold him otherwise it might take them by surprise. He has almost been dropped a few times.

I think he finds it easier to scoot on our hardwood floors in his footed pajamas rather than trying to be on his knees at this point.


Sebastian is a cuddle bug. He will flop down and roll next to the person he wants to cuddle with espeically in the mornings after Grant and I bring both kiddos into our bed in the morning before getting up for the day.

He is still mainly eating purees. We have tried a few things with different textures, and he was totally grossed out. Steamed pears and plums and sweet potatoes are his favorite at the moment. Reese loves it too. He also likes his apple sauce warm just like all of this food. Reese has also started wanting hers warm whenever she eats it. He still nurses 4-6 times a day depending on how long he naps. He still takes two naps a day. He also will push off the second he is done nursing when he is awake or asleep. If I am not careful he will push himself onto the floor which would not be fun for him.


He is now in his big boy car seat. I’m not sure if he likes it or not,but he hasn’t shown any large dislike.

We do all types of playdates, and sometimes we do water play. He loves playing with water in the bathtub, kiddie pool,etc.

Sebastian will do a fake cough to see if he can get attention from it; it makes me chuckle.


Sebastian has to put up with a lot from Reese, and has to do a lot of waiting while I get everyday things done like stuffing diapers. We are still cloth diapering him and Reese. It means a lot more loads of laundry,but I’m happy to do it.

Here is what Sebastian used to do with his hands since birth until right when he turned 7 months old. He doesn’t do it anymore,but I wanted to remember it.


This threshold into our dining room wasn’t much of a challenge for him which surprised me. He is very active and physically advanced compared to what Reese was doing at this stage, and she wasn’t behind at all.

More scooting around and Sebastian throwing a ball… he does this a lot.


Whatever Reese is doing is the most exciting thing which I think is common for second kids. Reese has been into coloring a LOT, so he always wants to chew on the markers.


Because he has been starting to sit up and trying to pull up on things, we had to drop down the height of his mattress to be on the safe side.


When he doesn’t want his knees to touch something he will do a bear crawl.

Slowly learning the traditional style of crawling.


He loves playing with this toy.

Sebastian already likes to rough house. He already tries to crawl over us, and he loves being tossed, the wilder the better. Reese always was more cautious, and she wasn’t a fan of anything crazy.


We were at a birthday party, and he and the kids in his age group all played and crawled around. It was really cute.

Sebastian went through a phase where he did this silly stank face. Reese did the same thing HERE.

Sebastian loves throwing things, sometimes I think he knows he is playing fetch with me.

Working on his motor skills with left over Easter eggs.

Sebastian can drink from a sippy cup. So he gets pumped milk once a day at dinner for practice.

I made a smoothie one day, and Grant and I were sharing it with Sebastian and Reese. Sebastian would follow Grant all over the place just to have some.

Sebastian still is called Sebastian, kleiner Mann, Spatz, liebling, basty(by Reese), and Seb by a few of my friends when they are typing his name.

Thanks for reading this update on how our little dude is doing.

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