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by jrwarfield

Lately Reese has been obsessed with Birthdays. In January, she started talking about every party she went to and loved singing “Happy JuJu” which was her word for Birthday. Then we had her party, and she was always singing and talking about blowing out her candles.IMG_3089Yesterday, she brought me this after making it and kept singing “Happy Birthday” and blowing out her candles. I thought it was super cute.

Reese also said her first prayer yesterday from start to finish. It was so sweet, and it just made me to happy to hear. She still was too shy to do one at dinner,but I hope some day that will change.

Reese also helps set the table even without us asking sometimes. Yesterday as we started putting the food down, she not only got her plate and fork, but ran and got only forks for Grant and I. She had seen that I was loading our plates partially in the kitchen.

She was able to blow her birthday candle out or almost alone, but she finally learned to blow bubbles today too!

Sebastian has started saying  more or mehr in baby sign language so we will need to get crackin on some of the others.

Happy Tuesday!

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