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Sebastian’s Eight Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Seven Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 8 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 8 months old. (5/01/17-6/01/17)

week 31

week 32

I guess we missed week 33 🙁

week 34



Sebastian’s Eight Month Stats  (We took these ourselves so we tried to be as accurate as possible.)
Weight:  18 lbs 8oz. (50th percentile)
Height:  27.75 in (66th percentile)
Head:   17 in (21st percentile)

Reese’s Eight Month Stats 
Weight:  17 lbs 8 oz (43rd percentile)
Height:  28 in (84th percentile)
Head:   17 1/4 in (60th percentile)

Jensen’s Eight Month Stats
Weight: 18.2 lbs (25th percentile)
Height:28.5 inches (50th percentile)
Head: 18 inches (75th percentile)
DSC_0306 2
Sebastian has no fear of water and loves splashing around. It does make trips to the pool lots of fun,but also slightly terrifying because I am having to watch both kids like a hawk.
Sebastian LOVES his sister Reese. He puts up with a lot from her right now, but I think soon the tables will be turned.
Sebastian’s hair is not red,but in certain lighting it does have a red undertone.
He is crawling everywhere,but that is so nice. Now he can follow us around the house and get into everything imaginable. Sebastian will play in his exersaucer,but he isn’t huge on it. He still doesn’t really jump in it, which is funny because Reese was all about that. He is starting to show signs of separation anxiety, so that gets old when I am literally leaving a room for two seconds before returning.
He loves table food, and he is cranky just like Reese before he can actually eat. It is taking training to get him to not whine and cry during our prayer.
He loves meal times; not only does he get food,but he also plays games like the one above. He shrieks, does fake coughs, laughs, and bellows to try and get attention.
FullSizeRender (1)
We have been doing Saturday morning family bike rides with a picnic lunch and playing at a playground. Here we are getting ready to start eating lunch.
FullSizeRender (2)
Sebastian in his big boy car seat with styled hair.
Here he is at story time during the playtime afterwards. Even at this age, Reese would refuse to go play by herself until at least half of the kids had left. Sebastian dives right in without any care about how many other kids are there playing. He starts getting really antsy sitting and listening for too long at the library. So playtime is where he is in his zone.
FullSizeRender (3)
Every morning Sebastian is the first awake normally between 5:30-6:00am. So he gets a little bit of extra attention from Grant and I in the mornings before Reese wakes up. Or before we all start getting ready for the day. He still takes two naps a day, and sleeps around 11 hours a night.
 We still do a lot of playing in the tunnels.
 Playing with Grant and being outside is awesome for him. Sebastian also has such a great laugh, I just love hearing him giggle.
We picked strawberries with some friends which was a lot of fun.
Sebastian got to eat a few there,but most of them he got once we got home.
Sebastian is not very cautious so he is always trying to follow Reese around no matter what she is doing. I feel like he manages to hit his head on something at least once a day. He is really tough,but I do feel bad when he does cry because you know it was pretty rough for him to be crying.
Here is Reese learning how to pick and eat the strawberries. We didn’t fill a whole basket,but I had no problem paying as if we had filled it because Reese ate so many strawberries while there.
 Sebastian is a cuddle bug and loves attention from Reese. Here she is giving him a kiss. She is in the phase where she wants to hug and kiss her friends and family.
This month, we got a visit from Gail. Sebastian and Reese both got very spoiled from all of the extra attention.
Sebastian was the youngest kiddo in our church’s small group which meant he had to put up with a lot. Another couple recently had a baby, so now he isn’t’ the youngest anymore.
Sebastian loves reading books. His attention span isn’t as long as Reese’s was,but he seems to want to be read to a lot so I’m not complaining.
 Grant reading a book to Sebastian. He loves the flap, peekaboo, and touch and feel books the best right now. However, he will listen to almost any book that Reese is into. He is slowly learning to turn the pages himself too.
Another morning picture. Sebastian likes to smack our faces until we are both awake and ready to change his diaper and play with him. He still nurses around 4-5 times a day, but he is also drinking pumped milk in a sippy cup at all of this meals. He isn’t as picky as Reese was. He will drink the milk warm or cold. Reese would only drink it warm.
Days with both kiddos are wonderful and very chaotic at the same time. I love it,but at times it gets overwhelming. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my kiddos, and I have to remind myself the saying, “The days are long,but the years are short.” It is soo true, I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by.
When it is cooler out, we try to get out early for playground time. This was actually one of Reese’s last days of school.
Playing in a tunnel that we have.
Being dressed up by Reese happens too.
Anything that Reese wants to do is always fun. We still are cloth diapering both of them. So far so good, it means more laundry,but I know it is still saving us tons and tons of money. I am starting to get excited at the prospect of Reese being potty trained,but I don’t know how soon that will happen. Changing his diapers are no fun though, he wiggles around, and I always envision wrestling an eel into a diaper. Reese was much more calm about this.
Sebastian seems to be more outgoing than Reese is. He smiles at strangers, but he has started to play shy when people start paying attention to him. His eyes are one of his most striking features; people always comment on how blue his eyes are.
More sunroom play.
Sebastian is wearing 12 month clothes. He loves games like peekabo, he loves taking baths, and he loves seeing pictures of us on our walls.
Sebastian has been sitting on his own for a while,but this was one of the first times he started sitting up in his crib. I don’t think he realized he could do that there before this.
Playing with Reese with some toys. Sebastian seems very advanced with his motor skills in general, he seems to figure things out quickly,but reminds us of a total boy. He tends to be drawn to things with wheels or things he can bang together to make loud noises.
He has no fear of falling or heights. With Reese it was very easy to teach her to go reverse off of things like our bed or the couch. Sebastian has no interest in that, he tries to launch himself off head first.
Both kiddos completely wiped out after a Saturday Morning Family Bike Trip.
The more I get both kiddos outside, the happier and less whiny they are. The only problem is the heat. So when it is nice out in the morning, we go on walks to the grocery store, around the neighborhood, and sometimes to a park. Right now, Sebastian just tries to eat everything so the park isn’t as fun as other places. Once he is walking that all will change.
We went on a walk so that Reese could push her baby stroller around the neighborhood.
Sebastian is 100% a stomach sleeper. If we see his face while he is sleeping, we are totally shocked.
Here we are playing on the back deck one morning.
This month we celebrated Reese’s 2nd birthday. Jackson, Alana, Andrew, and Kira came down for that, and so Sebastian got to spend time with his cousins which was fun.
I got hit with a sinus infection and stomach bug, Sebastian got a double ear infection, and Reese had a single ear infection. Grant came home one afternoon so I could go to the doctor to this. Neither of our kids cuddle or are rocked to sleep,so the fact that he would only sleep on me shows you how crummy he was feeling. I was as well as you can tell in the picture.
Sebastian got to attend a few birthday parties that Reese was invited to. This one almost all of the people who came had a child Reese’s age as well as a younger sibling Sebastian’s age.
If you play a game with him that invovles tossing him or throwing him, he will keep trying to do said motion so you continue the game once you pause to stop.
IMG_8440Sebastian is more of a cuddle bug. He is always trying to climb on top of you, wants to be held, or follows you around.
Sebastian does a lot more gibberish and blabbering talk at this stage. He can say babababa, mamamama, dadaadada, but they don’t mean anything specific yet. We have started working on Baby sign language,but really need to start being more consistent so that he can start communicating better with that.
Thanks for reading about our little man, I hope you have a great day.

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