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Sebastian’s Nine Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Nine Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 9 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 9 months old. (6/01/17-7/01/17)


week 35

week 36

week 37

Just a note that Sebastian has now been outside of the womb buy clenbuterol 40mcg for as long as he was in it – Super hard to believe!

Sebastian’s Nine Month Stats
Weight:  19 lbs 5 oz. (48th percentile)
Height:  28 in (43rd percentile)
Head:   17 1/4 in (21st percentile)

Reese’s Nine Month Stats
Weight:  18 lbs (35th percentile)
Height:  28 1/2 in (82nd percentile)
Head:   17 1/2 in (65th percentile)

Alana’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  21 lbs 9 oz (89th percentile)
Height:  28 3/4 in (86th percentile)

Mia’s Nine Month Stats
Weight:  15 lbs 4 oz (5th percentile)
Height:  27 in (10-25th percentile)

Ally’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  16 lbs 6 oz (10th percentile)
Height:  26 1/4 in (10-25th percentile)
Head:   17.4 in (60th percentile)

Emi’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  15 lbs 10 oz (5th percentile)
Height:  26 in (10th percentile)
Head:   16.8 1/4 in (10th percentile)

Jonas’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  21.2 lbs (75th percentile)
Height:  28 in (30-40th percentile)
Head:   18.1 in (60th percentile)

Hannah’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  19.4 lbs  (50th percentile)
Height:  28 3/4in (90th percentile)
Head:   17 1/4 in (60th percentile)

Jensen’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  19.1 lbs (25th percentile)
Height:  28 1/2 in (75th percentile)
Head:   18 1/4 in (70th percentile)

Kathryn’s Nine Month Stats 
Weight:  19.1 lbs  (50th percentile)
Height:  27 3/4 in (55th percentile)
Head:   17.7 in (75th percentile)


Sebastian is now terrified of our roomba vacuum cleaner. He will press the button, and then hysterically crawl away crying when it turns on and starts vacuuming.

We still cloth diaper both kids which seems to work very well even if it is a lot of work for me. He is wearing size 12 month clothing.

Sebastian also loves clapping, but he has been doing that for a few months now.

Sebastian didn’t have any shots at his 9 month check up, but he did get a toe prick. He watched interestedly, but didn’t cry at all which floored me.

FullSizeRenderReading books is still a family favorite pastime.


Sebastian is all boy. He loves balls, and will always go after those over most other toys.

He also is a big fan of wheels.

He is pulling up on as many things as he can reach.


Water play is also a favorite.


He is one tough cookie. He will fall or bang his head and just get up without crying. On the flip side, he also seems very sensitive. Where Reese would give us a straight face with no emotions if she got scolded, Sebastian sticks out his quivering lip and starts crying when he is in trouble.


Our library does so many wonderful free activities. One of which was a beginning of the summer bash where your kids could dress up. So Reese wore her “Elsa” dress as she calls it.


They had a TV that had showed different disney songs with that portion of the movie showing. It was showing Hercules, and Reese looked like she was about to cry, no clue why.


They also had Photo Booth props, but those didn’t stay on long.

IMG_2939I guess super hero paraphernalia won’t be long in coming to our house. We were at a playdate, and he was enthralled with this Captain America shield.

IMG_2948Sebastian is still a stomach sleeper. He is a good sleeper, here is he sleeping at a friends house in her pack n play while the rest of us had a playdate. He still takes two naps a day.

He does a great job feeding himself table foods. He still nurses 4 times a day, but in a few months I will start weaning him. He also drinks from a sippy cup, and already understands how to drink from many different kinds as he is trying to always steal Reese’s drinks.


We did lots of pool playdates with one of my friends who had a pool pass. I’m pretty sure the workers there thought we had a pass because of how often we came. It was pretty terrifying at first to have both kiddos at the pool even though they are both well behaved, but having a few friends with extra eyes also helped.


We have been eating fruit as part of our breakfast, and this time, they were both curiously watching Grant cut a pineapple. Sebastian will still sit in his exersaucer, but he still never really bounces in it. He just seems to tolerate it these days where Reese absolutely adored it. He also isn’t a big fan of his Jonny jump up.


Throwing food on the floor is something that took us a long time to break Reese of, and it seems to be the same with Sebastian. I think his goal in life is to get enough food on the floor so he can have a second breakfast once he is down from his high chair. Or at least until I get a chance to sweep it all up. He is very good with his fine motor skills just like Reese was at this age.

IMG_2989The two have a love hate relationship. They want to be close, but seem to want what the other has. Not getting Reese to push him is a constant issue mainly because he thinks she is playing with him and thinks it is funny.

Sebastian and Reese being silly playing together.


Every Tuesday during the summer our Church does a planned event, here we were at a playground to play. Then they provided popsicles, and we all ate our own packed lunches.


We try to get outside as much as possible because that means worn out kids that sleep well.

One of his favorite past times is pulling things out of baskets, drawers, and throwing things off of tables and highchairs.


Sebastian loves to eat crayons which I think is SO gross. He also attempts to draw with the crayons just like Reese, but you can see his smug face because he can now reach the crayons.


He plays with the box tunnel that Grant built for Reese more than Reese ever has. It is very cute because they will play peekabo or chase each other through it as well.

He can say, “Mama”and occasionally will mouth or say Papa but in a whisper. He also has a distinct way he shakes objects with his hand. It is almost a side ways shake that I’m assuming he will grow out of as he ages, but it is cute none the less.


Reese got her first ever true stomach bug, and actually took a nap on the couch… I think that was the first time since she was a newborn.


While Reese was sick, Sebastian and I mowed the lawn for Grant. He was at work, and it kept raining every evening so we just did it ourselves. Sebastian did great, but he finally got bored the last 5 minutes of mowing.

He has been able to crawl for a while now, but he still prefers to do his army crawl which he is very fast at.


Sebastian got his first hair cut too. His hair was getting way too poofy so I decided to try cutting it.


It was difficult with a squirmy kid, but he didn’t cry or was afraid so that was nice. I learned a lot, and now we have our little system down.

IMG_3290The few times we see his face is always fun while he sleeps.

IMG_3291Reese was invited to a ballerina birthday party for our neighbors who also go to our church.


Sebastian was the only boy other than the birthday girls’ little brother. However, they are in Sunday school class together so they didn’t mind.


Reese with the birthday girl. I used the tutu from Reese’s second birthday party dress for her outfit.


Bath time is so much more fun now because Sebastian can sit in the tub himself. He still gets knocked over easily, but it is a huge improvement from a squirming for dear life/trying to drown himself just so you aren’t holding him in the tub.


After afternoon naps, before dinner, and before Grant gets home is always the most tough time since both kiddos get a little hungry, stir crazy, and bored.

He loves it when the AC goes on in our sunroom. He also puts his head back and makes this soft sound when he is happy about something. He also loves our neighbor’s dogs and checks daily to see if they are outside so he can wave and do his “woof” sound at them.

IMG_8509We try to go to parks as much as we can. However a lot of them aren’t that cool for kids that aren’t walking, but we make the best of it.

IMG_8517This was one of his favorite things to play with for a while.

IMG_8534He tends to be a very happy kid which is so wonderful.


Sebastian loves anything with wheels.

Riding on the bobby car is something he loves.

IMG_8583Both kiddos are very used to our Thule now.

IMG_8585Saturday bike trips to the park with a picnic have become a sort of tradition.

IMG_8586Missing his morning nap is hard, so being the second child, he kind of has to be flexible.


On the other hand, Reese has to be flexible with the fact that lots of times we can’t do certain things because Sebastian is sleeping.


Sebastian has very fair skin so even though he go LOTS of sun exposure for small short bursts he hasn’t built up any tan like Reese and I have. So I have to be very careful about how long he is out, and keeping his skin covered. I prefer to not use sunscreen unless totally necessary.


Swinging is a favorite for Reese. Sebastian sometimes likes it, and other times isn’t interested.

IMG_8721We moved the kids cups, plates, sippy cups, and silverware into a lower cabinet so that Reese can get her own things to set the table. It helps her feel more independent, and it is an easy way she can help.


Having all of these things within reach also means that it is one of their favorite things to play with.


We were invited to another birthday party, and Sebastian loved building/pushing around all of the building blocks. “empty boxes wrapped in brick wrapping paper.” It was genius, and all of the kids loved them.


Both kids share a room, but for Sebastian’s first nap he sleeps in his crib, but during his second nap he sleeps in a pack n play in our room while Reese is in their room. Once he is down to one nap, I plan to have them share a room during that nap. It was very warm this day, but he almost always wears a sleep sack when he sleeps.

IMG_8785Sebastian had a major ear infection that we just couldn’t shake almost this whole month. We were told to take him to an ENT. The ENT was very nice, but he suggested tubes for his ears right away. We wanted to see how he did now that the infection was finally gone. So far, he hasn’t had any other infections so I hope that continues, and I hope that he won’t need tubes later on. He was very grumpy this month due to this long ear infection which is very understandable.


Here is his expression when he saw Grant after he came home from work.

Sebastian loves playing peekabo, and any other games with Reese. He loves when we sing songs, and will start dancing to any song or beat.


Sebastian Waving to the Camera

His first tooth.

Sebastian’s first two teeth that came through. The first on 6/14/17 and the second on 6/15/17. The third also came in on 7/1/17.

I found Reese reading one of Sebastian’s favorite Peekawho books to him. It was so sweet.

Sebastian has started bellowing to get attention and occasionally hits his chest. He also has started shaking his head no. He does this when he knows he is doing something that he shouldn’t be doing as well as random times when we are having conversations that perfectly work in the settings, but I think are just random times. It is very hilarious though. He also points at everything and everyone.

Here is Sebastian reading a book with Grant. He has started bringing us books for us to read to him which is so much fun.

He loves his Sunday school. He has a small class with awesome teachers, so it is fun to see him be happy about going. He is very happy around people, and smiles and waves at people all of the time. He has however started to play shy now when people give him attention. When we are out in public, I have had lots of people ask me if they are twins. Since they are close to the same height when sitting in carts next to each other. Sebastian is catching up with Reese quickly in height, and I think this question will just come up more and more as they get closer to the same size.

Thanks for reading about our little Sebastian!

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Some of Sebastian’s expressions oddly remind me of Jackson’s! Just for fun, at 9 months and 14 days, Jackson was 20 lbs 1 oz. 28.75 inches so pretty similar to Sebastian.


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