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Sebastian’s Eleven Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Eleven Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 11 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 11 months old. (8/01/17-9/01/17)

week 44

week 45

week 46

week 47

Sebastian’s Eleven Month Stats
Weight:  20 lbs 2 oz. (45th percentile)
Height:  30 in (85th percentile)
Head:   17 1/2 in (20th percentile)

Sebastian is wearing size 18 month clothing depending on the brand. We still cloth diaper him. He is nursing twice a day in the mornings and evenings, but we are getting closer to having him weaned. He is also a great sleeper even if he has cut out his morning nap this month which  makes me sad, but at least both of my kids nap at the same time in the afternoon. Here you can see him reading books before bed with Grant.

Sebastian still has blond hair as you can see, and here he is after I gave him a haircut, and Grant styled it.

Here you can see him at Sunday school with a few of his “classmates.”


Sebastian likes throwing blocks; he also LOVES containers with putting things into and out of them.

He loves making his “woof” sound which is always the same for a dog. Our neighbors have two dogs, and he loves seeing them.

Anytime we would read a book with a dog in it or see it somewhere. Sebastian would go to our window and look out to see if the dogs were out.

My parents came for a week long stay during Harvey , all of our family living in Houston didn’t have any flooding except one sister lost a car, and they brought my younger brother Jason and their two dogs Tika and Jumper. My kiddos LOVED them. Sebastian always tried to play and cuddle with them as well as just watch them all the time. They were super good sports about it which was nice.

Tika during her stay.

Jumper during his stay, we didn’t get a picture of Uncle Jason because he was sick for the duration of most of the visit.

We went shopping at Kroger while Mama was here, and the kids loved their shopping carts!


He can wave really well, but is very selective on when and who he waves for. If he does it for a stranger he waits until they aren’t looking anymore.

We went to Nashville this during this time because Kira and Andrew’s house was in the 100% Totality range. They also had their Exchange student Laura arrive, and we of course wanted to meet her too! Both kiddos out during nap time in the car.

We went to the zoo while in town, and here is a cousin picture.

This is the first time we got to actually pet one of the kangaroos. Normally they stay in the grassy area.

Jackson also loved the Kangaroos.

More pictures. 

The Nashville Zoo has an awesome playground inside the park, and here you can see Sebastian on the swings.

We really love reading books, so here you can see a fun one that played noises.

Here we are waiting for the eclipse time to happen. It was very hot, but in the shade it wasn’t too bad.


Us as a family right before. (Yes we had official glasses as well that we used until 100% Totality.)

It got super dark during the eclipse and was a really cool thing to experience.

Trying to show your kids what to look at, and then making sure to stop them once the totality was over a little freaky, but we just distracted with toys and other things so they didn’t try to look at the sun again.

We got Jackson this truck for his first birthday, and it was a huge hit with him. Sebastian LOVES it, and when we were in Nashville he played with it. We plan to get him one for his first birthday as well.


After nap time hanging out in the Sunroom while it rained, we were waiting for Grant to get home from work.

Another family walk, if we get everyone outside after naps we are all happier for it.

Smoothies have been a way we battled the summer time heat. But then sharing isn’t something the kids want to do when a smoothie is involved.

Sebastian loves food, and gets super excited about it when he knows he is getting it.

Another food video. 🙂

We take morning walks while the weather is still cool as well. Reese’s baby buggy is a sought after toy. Sebastian isn’t quiet able to push it around without occasional falls since there is no resistance or traction.

The kids LOVE shopping at Publix, mainly due to their carts and the fact that cookies are given out to all kids 12 and under.

We got a Bobby Car from my parents which is very old, and still amazing. My Siblings and I played with this exact one when we were little, so I think it is at least 34 years old. Anyway, we got it with Reese in mind who does play with it, but Sebastian seems to want to play with it even more.

I know I am partial, but I think Sebastian has the best laugh. Here he is laughing soo much because Grant started dribbling the ball. Apparently he thought it was hilarious.

Playground visits happen a lot too. I will be happy once he is a little older because he still needs help for most of the things. So once he can just play on a playground, I will be thrilled.

Sebastian got his fifth (81/1/17) and sixth (8/27/17) teeth this month. He also took his first steps as well. Sebastian is a very happy, chill kid when he is fed and diaper changed. So far we haven’t had any issues with ears which is wonderful as we really weren’t wanting to get tubes put in his ears. He has had a few cranky times, but we couldn’t tie it with anything other than big milestones.

Sebastian is fearless, and it is terrifying. He goes head first off of things for fun. He always slides like this, and even had a few older kids copying him after they saw him slide. He knows how to go backwards off of things like couches, beds,etc. but chooses not to do that sometimes.

We went on an early 9th Wedding Anniversary Dinner and decided to take the kiddos. We don’t go out to eat much, and if we do it tends to be carry out.

So we picked Mellow Mushroom so the kids could watch the pizzas being made, and get a little bit of practice in how to behave while eating out at a restaurant.

In general it was a success, but we ended up ordering way too much food, but at least had leftovers for a while.

Sebastian’s nick names are Spatz, Basty (occasionally by Reese), and  kleiner Mann. He isn’t a fan of eggs thus far which makes me sad, but we will keep trying. He is terrified of the roomba vacuum cleaner. 

He loves Story Time at the library, but gets antsy a lot quicker than Reese did at this point. He uses baby sign language for all done, more, please, hi/bye, food/eat, and drink. This is super helpful as it cuts down a lot of frustration for all parties.

Sebastian is very outgoing and likes being around people. He occasionally will act shy when someone is very loud or in his face.

Thanks for reading this update on our little Man. We love him so much and are so glad he is part of our family.


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