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Sebastian’s Twelve Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Twelve Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 12 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 12 months old. (9/01/17-10/01/17)

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Sebastian’s Twelve Month Stats
Weight:  20 lbs 4 oz. (30th percentile)
Height:  30.5 in (71st percentile)
Head:   18 in (37th percentile)

This month there were a lot of firsts for us as a family, I was invited on a girls trip to Nashville to stay at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

I went with my friend Svenja for her birthday, and it was my first night away from the kiddos. This is our view into the atrium of the hotel.


Grant was amazing and let me go. It was a lot of fun, but very strange to not be changing diapers, cooking food, and trying to keep the house clean. He of course did awesome, but after I got back, Sebastian was very clingy and whiny. I think he was upset that I left.

Sebastian doesn’t use a pacifier anymore, he only did that for the first month or two of his life. He doesn’t suck his thumb or have a blanket.

Sitting in all kinds of boxes and containers is a constant activity for him.

Sebastian and Reese for that matter love playing with canned goods. Some days I wonder why we even buy them toys.


Sebastian loves story time. I try to take him since this was something I did with Reese. He is different at Story time than Reese was. She loved just sitting in my lap and observing everything. During the play time during the 0-2 year old story time, Reese would wait until half the kids had left before going and playing. Climbing the library stairs is a favorite activity.

Sebastian wants to be in the thick of it. He wants to be moving and running around. He easily makes it half of story time, but starts getting antsy toward the end. He also has NO hesitation when it comes to playing with other kids and toys during the play time.


Letting him eat with a spoon is a love hate relationship. I love how well they learn to eat, but there is a cost of clean up and mess. I think it is worth it and tend to let them use a spoon. However, when I do want them cleaner, I use THESE refillable pouches which are awesome!


Sometimes we do lunch dates/picnics in the car before picking Reese up for School.

I use Bentgo Kids Lunch boxes for both my kiddos. So far I am VERY happy with them as well as with their customer service. I pack Reese’s lunch for School, and I also pack Sebastian’s. He gets HANGRY when he wants food so it is nice having the food already packed.

Sometimes we just play in the van while waiting to do stuff. Or as a change of pace when errands are too boring.

Sebastian is very good mechanically. He can stack blocks, he likes putting his mega blocks together and taking them apart, and almost has unscrewing something down.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning we make pancakes. Here is Sebastian with his blueberry ones.

HERE is the recipe for our Protein Pancakes.

I got a bubble machine for less than $5 at Walmart on clearance, and it was a huge hit for the kids when it was too hot or too many mosquitos out to go outside.

Pulling books off of shelves is still a favorite past time. He loves reading books and turning the pages, but his attention span is only so long.

Sebastian LOVES crayons. He loves trying to eat them, he loves coloring, but mostly he just likes carrying them around with him.

We still send Grant pictures and greetings during the day, but since his job has changed. He doesn’t have his phone on him that often.

Bath time is a lot more fun too these days. He has been able to sit up in the bath tub, but he is finally getting to the point where he won’t fall or slide into the water as easily as before.

Sebastian isn’t as verbal as Reese was. He understands everything we are saying, and is very good with his baby sign language, but doesn’t say as many words as Reese did at this point. He is more expressive than she was so it is easier to tell if he is happy, sad, interested, excited, etc.

These two are partners in crime. He is the daring of the two, but Reese is the more cunning so far. We will see what this dynamic duo has in store for us in the future.



We still go to a lot of parks, like I said in the last post we are very close to complete independent play at parks.

Sebastian is a good sleeper, and is down to one nap. He is still down to one feeding just in the evenings, and I plan to wean him a week or two after his first birthday.  He eats really well still does the baby sign language for all done, more, please, food/eat, and drink.

He is still wearing 18 month clothes. He has very light skin and hair and bright blue eyes. People always comment on his eyes.

Peekaboo is still one of his favorite games.

Putting things into containers and pulling them out is still one of his favorite things. He constantly “helps” me with stuffing cloth diapers.

We got a new brew house with other artsy buildings that also made a small “park” in the middle. They host a lot of free events where food trucks also come. Then a lot of people go to the brewhouse or other attractions around here. We went to one of the free NASA events with our church small group.

There was live music, free crafts for kids, a grass park to run around at, food trucks, and lots of people watching. We packed our dinner, but split a cupcake from a food truck as a family.


I try to do playdates. We had dinner at a really cool playground(You can see a few parts in the background) with a friend. Her two kids are literally days younger than our kiddos, and she speaks Spanish with them.


This sand pit had Sebastian’s interest for a long long long time.


We also decided to get a Membership to botanical gardens. Here you can see Sebastian in one of the sand box areas playing.

The kiddos are a little to young for the hammocks themselves, but it is still fun.


Sebastian and Grant have been spending more time together. When he was born, he and I did more together since he was the baby and was still nursing. Grant did more stuff with Reese to help out and keep her occupied. It is fun to switch it up again now.


At the botanical gardens, I love how many places and things they can explore there.


A lot of things are kids sized, and they add fun things like the fairy door in this picture.


Sebastian is a cuddle bug when you can get him to sit still. Reese only cuddles when sick or very sleepy. Sebastian likes cuddling, but it tends to be short lived.


He played with dirt, sticks, and leaves since the playground was still a little big for him, but he had a blast.


Reese in the sand.


They also have multiple sprinklers and ponds for the kids to play in. I have to be careful with his skin because I am sure he will burn, but he LOVES being outside and playing in water.



We also went to Concerts on the dock which are also free outdoor concerts. It was hot, but a lot of fun.  Putting things into and out of things is a lot of fun for him.

The water tower all lite up. It is a concert at a docking station, in a renovated mill.


Lots of people bring their kids and dogs. Sebastian is still obsessed with dogs.


We packed our dinner, listened to music, and played. Around 7:30 we headed home.


Sebastian was super proud he was sitting in his own camping chair. He is also a phone thief. He LOVES hitting the home button and locking my phone. :/


Sebastian starting taking his first steps and walking this month too. So he just like Reese was walking at eleven months.

Big Spring Park also had free Jazz concerts in their park Sunday nights, so we checked that out a couple of times.


Feeding the ducks is a huge hit with these two, but just getting out and being outside is nice too.


Here we are just playing at big spring park after feeding the ducks.

Sebastian showing off his mad walking skills.

Here is Sebastian on the slide and walking around our sunroom.

We also went to our first ever Oktoberfest party as a family. My friend Svenja, her Husband, and two daughters hosted on this year. Here you can see Sebastian “helping” us with our corn hole game.

I already had my dirndle from my time in Germany, and Grant borrowed my Dad’s Lederhosen, but I did sew Sebastian a simple set of Lederhosen.


I could have made them from some leather I have, but I decided to just alter a pair of corduroy pants he already had. This means his outfit cost me nothing, and I knew he would outgrow it so fast.


I also sewed Reese’s Dirndl. I think it turned out super cute, and I used only scrap fabrics I had for it. I made hers a little bit big so that it will fit next year.


This was my first time ever playing corn hole, and Grant and I were the undefeated champions. I’m pretty sure this was because Grant was really good, I was okay, and most of the people we played against had a few too many drinks. 🙂


Sebastian is all boy loving to explore and play outside. He loves throwing and rolling things. His bouncy balls is one of his favorite things.


Patiently waiting for his dinner.

Sebastian has a stuffed Lion that he has in his crib as well as a few other stuffed animals my mom got him that he likes. He loves hugging, kissing, and wrestling with his stuffed animals.

Lift the flap books and books where we search for things are his favorite.  He loves getting books, bringing them to you, and then sitting on your lap so you read them to him.

We sing a lot of songs, twinkle twinkle little star, the itsy bitsy spider, head shoulders knees and toes, open them shut them, and a lot of library songs are his favorites. He loves participating and does hand motions for most songs. He loves giving kisses, hugs, and he is very sweet. If he has something that Reese wants, if she asks him for it he tends to just give it to her. He can also give a high five and wave.

Thanks for reading.

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