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2015 Christmas

2015 was the year to get together with my family at Christmas since we do one year with mine the next year with Grant’s, but since we all got together for an early Thanksgiving instead, we were able to have our first Christmas as a family since Grant and I have gotten married and at our home as well. It was very low key,but we loved it. So here are some of the things that we were up to.

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Family Visiting for Baby Shower

Grant and I have felt so loved and blessed by how supportive and loving our families have been toward us and our baby. We have already been thrown one shower in Austin, TX that was wonderful and a lot of my family got to come attend that one.  So this last weekend, was my Huntsville shower. My Mother-in-Law Gail flew in from Ohio, my Cousin-in-Law Sarah drove from South Carolina, and my Sister Kira, Brother-in-Law Andrew, and Niece Alana drove down from Tennessee. It was so wonderful to have family at this shower, and I really just wanted them to...

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Gluten Free Hazelnut Coffee Truffles

For a while now, I have been making truffles at least during the holidays. I started out hand rolling the truffles and dipping them in chocolate which works pretty well,but then I realized I could use a candy mold which I describe the process here. That worked wonderfully too,but then I found out about these truffly molds that make my life SO much easier. I bought one of the huge molds which is pretty expensive, but they have smaller versions if you prefer to make smaller batches. So here is my new system for making truffles.

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Holiday Festivities

I was pretty excited about the holidays this year. The day after Thanksgiving, I started putting up the tree and slowly adding different decorations. I would love to have a real Christmas tree,but they are really expensive, and then just get thrown away so until we have kids, we will make due with the fake tree. Also, we have never seen Christmas decor as a need, so most of it is bought used or on sale each year with my allowance. So, I slowly am adding to what I have year after year.

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DIY Baby Shower Gift Tutorials

As you can probably see from my recent posts, I have been trying to accumulate an arsenal of baby shower gifts. I have been trying to make them in bulk that when a shower comes up, I can just pick out which colors and am good to go. I used to make the burp cloths only,but I felt 3 burp cloths just weren’t enough for one gift. I still have one type of gift I want to try and make for the gifts so I have 3 items per boy or girl gift, but I need to see whether it...