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My Woven Basket

Baskets are always so beautiful and there are so many different kinds. I have been on the look out for a basket to hold our throw blankets in the living room for a while now. My Mother-in-law does amazing basket weaving by hand so I considered asking for a basket for Christmas,but I didn’t want to wait that long.

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Storage Room Organization

We did a before and after post right after we moved into our Condo that we are renting,but for some reason we never showed off our storage room or what Sarah called our Garage. It was a balcony that has been inclosed,but not heated or cooled so it is always 10 degrees hotter or colder than our condo. It isn’t too extreme to be bad for the things we are storing in there, and it is a wonderful area to have to store all of our random things. We have a lot of empty bins, my sewing stuff, camping things,...

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Organizing my night stand

I was wanting to organize my bedside table, and below are my attempts at it. I had a saucer from a mug that I never used. Well, I used the mug just not the saucer. I also had some felt that I decided to use. I just wanted an organizer that could corral my phone and daily jewelry so that it was within reach.

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What I resort to when renting…

I have made previous attempts to organize our kitchen. It is a very small space that just barely fits everything we need, but that could be because I have a lot of kitchen stuff. Anyway, I was getting very annoyed with how everything was looking and functioning under my sink. Or to say the least wasn’t functioning. I can’t drill into my cabinets at all since we are renting, and the cabinets are to thin and cheap to drill into without ruining the fronts, so this is what I had to resort to.

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Our Library Shelves

So, We are about to embark on a non-straight-wall-shelf-hanging adventure. This is at our apartment, and it is the only area we could think of to use for book storage. We are on the third floor, so this is the only are in our apartment that has a higher peak. Here is the other side where we would like it to wrap around above the door. Here are some pictures that Grant showed me after I got home, So, I don’t know why or how they did some of the what they did. So, bear with me! Grant and Simon were such...