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Our Resort!

by gswarfield
Grant and I checked the weather channel, and because of hurricane edwardo, we were only supposed to get rain,but they lie! We got rain before we woke up and then mainly pretty days after that. This is a picture of part of our resort that was taken from the beach, behind it, there is a sky walk thingy and the main offices and one of two parking garages. This resort is so new that there are some parts that are still being built. For instance, they have a roof swimming pool that isn’t open yet, but there are two other pools on both sides of the resort that are open to use now.

This is a picture taken from our porch of the beach and then you can see part of the pool area below with the tiki hut.

Our balcony or porch thing. It is very nice because no matter how hot it is outside there is constant shade and a nice place that we have had dinner already.

A picture of our bathroom, it hard to take pictures like this, and since we are assuming that not everyone is completely interested in this, it is ok.

Our bedroom.

Extra beds and sleeping space in case we have a fight I guess ;p! But Grant and I were talking about how that would be a cool place to sleep when we were kids(the bunk bed nooks).

The kitchen which is stocked with literally everything that you could need which was a definite plus cause we were hoping they would.

A view of the living room.

Awkward picture of me walking.

the balcony and another cheesy picture.

another pool picture.

The kitchen dining area!

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Tanya August 25, 2008 - 11:17 am

Wow, looks like you guys had it pretty nice at the resort! It must have been awesome to hang out at the beach before classes start up again, right? Anyhow, I have officially added your link to my blog, so I am going to be checking it on a regular basis! Love you guys!


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