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by gswarfield
Grant and I have had our share of driving, and as it seems these trips are no different. We are safe, so I cannot complain, but they do get old. We drove the 13 hour drive from Arkansas to Ohio before the wedding, and then after the wedding 8 hours to Nashville to stay in the Opyrland Hotel in Nashville which Daniel and Sarina gave us as a wedding gift, and it was a really beautiful place! Then the next morning, we left to make our way to Panama City, Florida. I offered to drive, but Grant likes driving, and Honestly, I think its a guy thing. I am not a bad driver, and I know he trusts my driving more than some other people,but I like to drive without Mr. backseat driver next to me about to make my car into the flinestone mobile. Just Joking, but seriously, he isn’t bad- I’m exaggerating, but he drove all of these distances by himself without any of my help which I find very impressive.

A random road picture that Grant took, and I have no idea where that was.

I just wanted to show how exciting our car rides are, I’m sure everyone wishes to ride with us in the future! He always tells me he won’t take pictures of me when I sleep, and he LIES!!! Oh well, I can’t really do much to stop him except take revenge pictures, but anyway, we were both really glad to make it to Florida to get a little bit of a driving break!

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