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Our Trips and SURPRISES!

by gswarfield

After our honeymoon in Florida, Grant and I drove to Nashville and stayed a night with Kira and Andrew which was definitely a lot of fun! Then we drove to Ohio to pick up Julia and help her pack and get her ready for Harding. We also picked up a U-haul trailer and put mattresses, plants for people, and other odds and ends. We also met with our photographer and saw his amazing pictures! Then we drove back to Nashville and spent the night with Kira and Andrew again, only this time Julia was with us. Then the next morning we went on to Arkansas. We made it around 3 or 4 pm depending on what time zone you live in, but not too late,but we were all tired. We got back to our apartment to find the following things!
Now I had warned Julia that our apartment wouldn’t be very clean because I had been living there and right before we left for Ohio we had moved some of his stuff in just so that Simon would have a little bit more room at his place since Grant’s stuff was still there. We got to our apartment to find that they had replaced the linoleum floors. Now, this was a nice thing considering I had a pretty level table and it wobbled so much on that floor since the concrete wasn’t level anymore. Also, before the linoleum was an ugly yellow ( which I was later told was a cream but was so saturated with different dirty that only scrubbing for a few hours would show the true color.) with lots of holes here and there. So them replacing it was nice since now it is a more neutral color, but we were never told that they were going to be doing it or we would have moved our things to make sure they had the room to do it. Also, whoever laid this floor seemed like it was their first time, because I am pretty sure I could have done a better job, but here are some of the pictures and problems that we found.

Here you can see that the glue that they used had gotten on their shoes and they tracked it mainly all around the bathroom, and no matter how hard I scrub, I cannot get it off.

In order to lay it right, they had to move our fridge out and they just put our food where ever they say fit, not caring to put it back or that everything in our freezer got thawed and then refrozen and some of it we cannot eat now, or that they put stuff all over where our computer things were.

Here you can see the dust everywhere from sanding down the concrete floor underneath so that it is smooth. I also had a carpet sample that I used as a doormat that was only inside to keep things from being tracked inside, well, they left it outside and was already moldy by the time we got back.

We do not own any cats, but I guess under the stove or the fridge they found these toys and we first found them on our stove not caring about how sanitary or not that is.

This is a kind of gross picture, but these are our paper towels that they used for their clean up job, which wasn’t very cool either.
They used our trash can with our trash bag, threw that away and still left trash for us to have to throw away.

They had moved everything around and just weren’t very careful! My table has a very thin veneer on it, and now it has a lot more scratches and dings than when we left.
Here you can see how haphazardly they placed everything and all the dust everywhere that they didn’t bother cleaning up.
Here you can see all the bubbles in their actual laying job, but at least it looks better and doesn’t have any holes, but when laying flooring especially carpet, one really wants to be careful of where seams are put. Now some flooring you can heat weld and then it doesn’t matter where seams are other than aesthetic reasons,but they put the seam right down the middle of the space and directly under the sink where you would stand to do dishes, and the seam is already coming up.
Some more dustiness.

How lovingly they stacked our things.

Before we left, we had purposely turned off the air conditioning,but when we returned it was set on 68 which was colder than we keep it even now cause it is expensive. So, we got back from the long drive, and I had to go help Julia with her last minute schedule changes and other errands which Grant tried to get somethings accomplished after this mishap. Well, no one wanted to take blame everyone just pointed fingers at everyone else. We wanted them to come and clean up, but they wouldn’t be able to do that for a week or so, and we had to live there so we ended up having to do it. They said they wouldn’t be able to do anything until the energy bill was here before we could get some taken off for the air being off, and they even tried to blame this whole issue on us saying that on the paper work it said we weren’t moving in until August 15th. Well, the lady telling us this was the lady who had walked us through our apartment and had signed all the paper work with us, so we didn’t understand how it was our fault that her paperwork wasn’t updated in time. Needless to say, it was the first exciting thing that happened since Grant and I have been married. We lived through it, and we will see which items we get reimbursed for.

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