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by gswarfield

After the whole apartment thing happened and was semi cleaned where it was livable, Grant and I had a lot of paper work to get done. For instance, new drivers licenses (which took us over 3 hours since the servers randomly went down), my new social security card, assessments of our vehicles, new car insurance, new tags, the titles in our names, my new student ID, my named changed at UCA and at Harding for records, our bank accounts put together, Finally being able to process our FAFSAs and hoping that we will still get some grants, me looking for a job, and other things that I have forgotten. Once we had the majority of our paper work done, school started for me, then for Grant, and then we still had to move the rest of his stuff from Simon’s room to our place. We literally had paths to move around in our tiny apartment, but after a few days of just straight organizing we now have a decent looking apartment. We would have it looking nicer, but we will only be in this apartment until December, and so we aren’t putting shelves up, or other things that would create holes in our walls, so organization has become very impressive here. But now that those things are done and Grant and I don’t have to travel anywhere for a while and schools is slowly becoming routine things are starting to settle down.
It is definitely crazy to think that soon we will start having to look for jobs and moving again, but I’m sure we will be fine since God will take care of us.

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