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So Many Blessings!

by gswarfield

I have classes in Conway, Arkansas which is about one hour from Searcy where Grant and I live. At the beginning of school, I was having to drive three times a week, and it was going to be really expensive with gas. But this last week, I found out that a class I had taken previously at Harding was considered the equivalent or substituted for this 3-D Art class that I was enrolled in. Now this class would have been fun to take,but all of the materials would have been very expensive, and it would have been my most time consuming class, and the teacher had a VERY hard grading scale. When I heard that I didn’t have to take this class anymore, I was so relieved. Now, I am only having to take 9 hours which means that I can come only twice a week which saves on gas, and that is one less class that I have to pay for. Also, I got this approved on the last day to get a full refund, and the head of the interior design department took the paper work to the registrar for me so I wouldn’t have any trouble! Then I found out that I only had to spend 5 dollars on my books for this semester, and I have an interview today for a part time job. If I were to get this job, then Grant could cut back at least one of his days and could focus more on his school work since I am taking less hours and have so much more free time than he does. So many great things have been happening that it is hard to remember them all!

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Tanya August 31, 2008 - 4:48 pm

Isn’t it scary to think what would happen if God were not leading us in the right direction? Or better yet, if we didn’t follow Him? Where would we end up or how different would our life be even in the small things?


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