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Before and Afters!

by jrwarfield

Here are the pictures as promised, even if they are a little bit late.

We tried to get a good mix of pictures that will show a good before and after, but we didn’t take pictures when there were so many bins you could hardly walk around, but these pictures still look messy enough so hopefully they still work.

Here you can see our living room after our trip to Ikea when we were getting our bedroom furniture.

We have a fire place which is nice, and today it snowed here in Austin, so the one chance we had to use it was wasted because we didn’t have any firewood since I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my tree.

Here is a little bit better of a picture to show how there were just stacks and stacks of stuff. Our biggest issue were empty boxes/bins that we were planning on keeping, and all of the stuff that we were planning on giving away. It was always in our way.

Here you can see our kitchen area, you can see the black shelf. I am not very fond of it because it will always look messy,but for right now it is the best we can do, and we had the shelf.

As I said before, Grant is happy once his computer is set up, and here you can see that it is indeed set up. You can also see the stools we were sitting on when we didn’t have office chairs. Yeah, they aren’t the sturdiest, and we didn’t want to break them. Now that we have real chairs, I feel so high up. It is great!

Our bedroom looked pretty close to this for a long time.  We were hoping for most of the weekend to clean up,but since Grant’s flight was canceled it kinda of pushed our plans out, but we just tried to work on it everyday when we were done with work.

Me putting together one of the drawers for our bed/ night stand.


Grant and I had never had Rudy’s before, but have drank out of their glasses because a few people we stayed with had left over plastic cups from them. So, on the way home from Ikea there was one, so we decided what the heck we will try it.

A few words of advice, don’t tell them you are new there. They all yell… Rookie… I think? But they let you try a little bit of everything that they sell, so that you have a better idea of what you want. Grant and I got their beans which were pretty good, we got their sausage which I thought was great. We got their moist brisket with bread, and their CREAMED CORN!!! I had never had creamed corn before, but this stuff is AMAZING!! It tastes like amazingness. You would never know there are vegetables in there. But anyway I think I ate all of them by myself cause Grant was all about the meat.

I just noticed the glass cleaner… we weren’t eating it,but I love how ghetto stuff gets sometimes.

So, the last picture about the food. I heard that eating at Rudy’s has a great atmosphere, so Grant and I are hoping to go and actually eat there sometime.

Drum Roll Please………

Here are our pictures that are AFTER. They are not perfect, but compared to above it was great progress.

Here is the dining room/kitchen. We are finally able to use our kitchen items like our silverware (thanks Oma + Opa), and the pot and pan set that we got from our wedding.

Here is our living room/office because this is how it worked best for us. You can also see our patio.

A better shot of our living room. Please note our wedding quilt is finally out of storage so we can actually use it! Thanks again Grandma, we LOVE it.

Grant wanted me to include this picture so you can see his bike. We will be trying to hang it on some wall so it isn’t blocking our awesome trunk.

Also, the things will not be staying on our mantel like that, but we just didn’t want them to break so that was the safest place for them.

Here you can see our new bed frame. Anthony and Shea bought our birch one because we wanted it in black brown. This now means that our wardrobes don’t match,but they are in great condition so we will hold on to them until we can sell them.

Our Bedroom still needs some work,but for right now it is good enough… meaning we can walk around in it.

This weekend it was hard staying motivated to keep cleaning, so we made ourselves a dead line by inviting Tanya and Wilson over for lunch after church. We made mexican because cutting stuff up goes fast, and that way I could have it ready on time.  The day was beautiful, the girls were excited and happy running around our place. They almost killed themselves on our coffee table,but other than that we were golden ;p

Mia is trying hard not to be in this picture, but here you can see them on our Porch with the amazing Austin weather. I think it was in the 70s and it was great!

So, this is it for now,but hopefully you enjoy the pictures!

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Ryan March 1, 2010 - 6:53 am

Congratulations on yall new place! It looks great!


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