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Update on our lives thus Far…

by jrwarfield

Sorry for the long delay,but life has been crazy.  Grant flew out this Saturday to Searcy, Arkansas where our things are being stored in a storage unit. My cousin Simon picked Grant up from the airport, and he even helped him load the penske truck. It is so amazing to have such good friends who are willing to help us out on such short notice.

During this time, I was at our new apartment waiting for the U-verse guy to come and set up our service. He was very nice, early, and did everything just like we wanted. Then I went back to the Rivas’ house to get more stuff to bring into our apartment. Later that day Tanya and Wilson let me hang out with them, and I was staying at Shea and Anothy’s house so I wasn’t having to drive all the way back to Lakeway.

Grant left on Saturday to drive back to Austin, he made it Sunday morning at 8am, and he barley slept, and then he and I went out to breakfast at Dan’s.  Dan’s by the way has AMAZING breakfast tacos that are really inexpensive too.  Then we went to church met some cool people in the Westover 101 class, and after church had about 5 couples from the young married’s group help us move our stuff in. It would have taken us forever to do it by ourselves, and it was so awesome to have some help. Some of the girls even helped me unpack boxes, and  most of my kitchen is unpacked which made it almost useable.

Then Monday hit, Grant and I had to stay late at work, go back to Lakeway to get some last minute things, and then barely make it to our place around 10pm. We have been trying to unpack boxes, but there are so many random things that have to be done around the time when you move that we are very behind. We are hoping that we can get caught up this weekend, and make our apartment liveable.

It is amazing to have our own place already, even though we can’t do much with it yet,but our design ideas are already blooming, so hopefully we can get them finalized soon.

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Antaly February 22, 2010 - 12:53 pm

Yea, I hear that Anothy is a pretty cool guy.


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