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Day in the Life Post 3

by jrwarfield

Here is a Day in the life post from April that I just kept forgetting to publish, so Reese was about 11 months old here.

5:40am – Reese wakes up in her crib and talks, plays, and whines.
6:00am – I get her out to nurse her, and then we cuddle in bed until Grant wakes up after so many pokes in the eyes and nose.
6:20am – We are awake enough to change Reese’s diaper, and we play and cuddle in bed some more until Grant and I have some motivation to get up.
6:30am – Grant showers while Reese plays and I put in contacts, wash my face, and get dressed. Then I change Reese’s diaper cause she pooped.
6:40am – I go make breakfast and Grant’s lunch while Grant gets ready for work and Reese plays and begs for food.
7:15am – Grant leaves for work Reese, and I sit down to eat breakfast.
7:30am – Reese is done and plays while I finish eating.
7:45am – I try and tidy up – gather laundry to be washed and start a load of diapers.
8:00am – We play in Reese’s room, and I put some stuff from laundry basket away.
8:20am – I change Reese’s diaper and put in sleep sack and lay down for her nap, and I read a few blog posts ,check emails for work, and I start getting work done while drinking a decaf hot tea.
8:40am – Reese falls asleep – still working.
9:15am – Reese wakes up and can tell she is still tired change her diaper calm her down nurse her and put her down again.
11:14am – Reese wakes up from her nap, and I finish working, and I nurse her again and change her diaper.
11:30am – I prepare and eat lunch with Reese. Today we have blueberries, avocado, strawberries, raspberries, baked beans, and left over chicken lasagna.
12:00pm – I finish lunch, change clothes, check diaper, and pack diaper bag to go grocery shopping.
1:00pm -I make it home after grocery shopping at Aldi and Walmart and change her diaper and play with Reese. Hang up diapers, prep some of the items for dinner.
1:30pm – We change scenery and move to our bedroom to read Reese some books.
1:45pm – I move to Reese’s room after changing her diaper and clothes to take weekly photo and then proceed to play in her room.
2:00pm – I put Reese down for second nap; I start folding clothes, gathering and separating dirty laundry, and start washing some loads. Do more meal prep.
3:04pm – Reese wakes up nurse her and change her diaper.
3:15pm – Then we get packed to go to the UPS store to mail a package.
4:00pm -We make it home, while Reese plays and tries to eat everything non edible, I start dinner.
4:20pm – Grant gets home and he plays with Reese while I clear the table and finish dinner.
4:45pm – We eat dinner.
5:15pm – We go for a family walk.
6:00pm – We both play with and help with Reese’s bath.
6:20pm – We change Reese, brush her teeth, get her PJs on, and Grant reads to her.
6:40pm – Then she is nursed and laid down. I start checking emails and doing any last minute work that I didn’t get done earlier in the day.
7:15pm – Reese falls asleep. I am now working on photo editing for the blog, and then start putting clothes away that I folded earlier.
7:30pm – I start watching the rest of the star wars movie that I had started a few days ago while I finish folding more laundry while also washing more laundry.
8:00pm – Grant and I watch a movie together.
9:30pm – We head to bed to read.
10:00pm – Lights out.


I know these might not be the most exciting posts, but I love looking back at what our days look like when Reese was so little. As I even forget what our days looked like.

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